Hank Moody's secrets to get laid

Admit it, you want to be like Hank Moody from Californication because people (well, ladies in particular) love him despite being such a jerk. He is not the most handsome looking guy neither he has a perfect body or anything like that, but he is authentic and charming. And that is what girls like about him.

1. Authenticity is attractive.

In a world of carbon copies you can be sure about that.

Hank is authentic because he has natural reactions. We tend to filter out our emotions and react according to social situations, but Hank doesn't hesitate to behave like a kid if something bores the hell out of him. He calls you bad names if you deserve it. He gets openly jealous if you date Karen. And of course, he can punch you in the face and run away before you can hit him.

He doesn't give a damn if he looks immature, weak or like a coward. After all, there is true boldness in not being afraid of people's opinions, don't you think?

Of course, this is fiction and I don't recommend you to treat people bad, so if you find a balance to express your genuine concerns and emotions and be respectful at the same time... that would be perfect. I guess this is part of being charismatic.

2. Humor is sexy.

I'm not saying that you must have some witty lines or make people laugh all the time to be sexy. I'm talking about not taking yourself so seriously.

Really. Instead of being a tight ass about everything, loose yourself a little and take things as they come. Using humor is the best way to keep your cool in every situation.

Have you ever seen Hank getting angry? When he is mad about something, the guy openly speaks his mind or acts accordingly without bearing any grudge nor really hating anyone. Even in these situations, he doesn't lose his sense of humor. Why? Again, because he doesn't take himself so seriously, and that gives him perspective.

The real world is full of tight asses. If you are one of them, think if this is really a smart choice. Put your emotional intelligence to work and relax, flow with the situation; chances are that people surrounding you chill out as well.

3. Treat ladies with respect.

When it comes to women, Hank is a gentleman... Well, more or less.

You like that girl? Just go and tell her something nice with your laid-back attitude and smile. Don't overcomplicate things. She can tell right away that you like her, which puts you in a position of vulnerability (she could dump you at any moment) that she might find cute.

Remember, laid-back is the opposite of being pushy. You are just enjoying your conversation and you want her to feel good with you, so be polite while sexually magnetic and always bring your sense of humor with you. Natural charm, baby.

If she's not interested in you, well, no hard feelings (you don't take yourself seriously, remember?). Just smile, say good night and keep enjoying your night.

Are you ready to Hank-Moodyfy yourself? Then, one last thing: be careful with younger girls.

More inspiration? Check Hank Moody's book: God Hates Us All  and beware of too much self-destruction.