I am the luckiest person I know. I have great loving friends and family, I have had incredible jobs, romances fit for novels, abundant health and opportunity. Although most people think I was just born lucky, this is not true. I learned how to be lucky by doing what other lucky people did and learning what not to do from observing self-proclaimed unlucky people. In this article, will show you how to be lucky too.

Things You Will Need

An earnest desire to be different in order to have different results.

Step 1

The truth is you already are lucky, you just can't see it. You must be well-prepared and cheerfully expectant for luck to appear to you and most importantly, never look a gift horse in the mouth. Opportunities are everywhere all the time. Lucky people believe that they will eventually win and so prepare themselves for when their window of chance opens and when it comes they take it, they do not sit around wondering about it.

Step 2

Pick yourself up by your bootstraps. Lucky people are tenacious people. They never give up. OK, so every opportunity doesn't work out. Lucky people know that failure was just a chance to learn what not to do. They get right back to the drawing board.

Step 3

Do not judge others or even listen to gossip. Lucky people are too busy picking up money from the sidewalk to stand around talking about other people's business. In the Jewish mysticism, known to many as Kabbalah (there are many different spellings), there is a technique I can describe as 'sweetening judgment', it states that nothing bad can ever happen to you unless you think bad thoughts about others.

Step 4

Bless everything and everyone and err on the side of outrageous generosity. Kabbalah also discusses something called the boomerang effect. This is a law of the universe, very similar to the law of attraction. Basically everything you put out comes back in full force to the sender- you! And there is no waiting period either, most often the effects of your behavior is evident now.

Step 5

Have the courage of your convictions. Many times the people we glean as lucky were simply the last one still standing when the dream arrived.

Step 6

Always look on the bright side of life. Lucky people are fundamentally idealists. Doggedly insist on seeing the glass as half full! Understand that good GOD-things happen to you even on the worst day of your life. Martin Luther King had his dream and wrote his letter from a Birmingham jail!

Step 7

Daydream a lot, always be grateful and learn to dwell on and ponder beauty in all its wondrous forms, this will attract more of it into your life with each passing moment. The miracle of a child's smile, the first spring flower, these are everyday miracles free for all to enjoy that unlucky people simply choose to ignore. Most importantly, if you want your good luck to continue to grow, from now on, you must avoid negative Haters like the plaque. They are unlucky, unhappy people and guess what? It rubs off!

God bless you and Good Luck.

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