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Most men across the board get impressed by simple things in women. To catch the eye of men you like you have to be attractive. There is nothing wrong in trying to look attractive and impressive. How else are you going to find the love of your life if he is not attracted to you? You need to pay special attention to two qualities if you are to attract the man of your dreams; physical and non-physical qualities. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to be more attractive to men:

Physical Qualities! Lay Emphasis on Your Femininity…You will attract more men if you know how to expose your feminine side. Men are attracted to women who know how to put their femininity in order.

Wear makeup the right way…Don’t mix up colors and shades. Wear the right lipstick with the right color since studies have it that men are attracted to a woman’s lips in comparison to other facial features. When you don’t want to wear lipstick, a lip balm would come in handy. Avoid ashy lips.

Wear attractive, bright colored dresses and know how to match the color with accessories like earrings and necklaces. Try out a red dress once in a while, studies show that most men will get attracted to women who are dressed in red than other colors. Remember the “lady in red” song?

Frequent the gym to make your breasts firmer. Concentrate on making your waist smaller which effectively makes your butt bigger. You can make your breasts bigger if you so desire. In short, work hard to get the hour glass figure because a high percentage of men are attracted to physical traits once they set and eye on any woman.

Embrace Technology…Gone are the days when it took a lot of planning to schedule for a date with a man. With mobile phones and internet access almost available everywhere, relationships have been made easy. Any modern man will be attracted to a woman who is technologically savvy; a woman who knows her gadgets as well.

With a myriad of relationship blogs and websites available, getting cute love quotes for your boyfriend is definitely not a hard task. If you want to be attracted to men, show them that you have you technological know-how sorted.

If you manage to attract the right man, come up with sweet texts to send your boyfriend while remaining creative and unique. Post love messages on his Facebook wall to keep the romance glowing. Be up to date with the latest technological trends because that’s how to be more attractive to men, more so modern men.

Be Well Groomed…They is no two ways when it comes to looking and staying fresh. You have to shower regularity and keep your nails shorts and clean if you are to become more attractive to men. Most women make the mistake of bleaching their skin in the hope to increase men’s attraction towards them. Stay natural, don’t bleach your skin.

If you have been with your man for a while now, one of the 7 signs he wants to propose but is scared to can be traced to your inability to groom yourself well. No man feels attracted to a woman who doesn’t shave her armpits and has hairy legs for instance. 

Use perfumes with nice scents if you are in the quest to find out what makes a man fall in love and commit. Nothing is more attractive to a man than a woman who wears nice smelling perfumes. He would certainly love to spend more time with him, almost certainly a life time!


Non Physical Qualities! Be Warm, Smiley and Friendly…Smile; studies have shown that men find women with smiling faces to be more attractive. The way a man looks at you when you give him a smiley face can be used to tell whether he’s looking for marriage or just a fling. If the smiles back and in a way suggesting that he would love to know you more, chances are that he finds you friendly and would love to have something serious with you.

If you are friendly to a man, it’s not hard to find out if he’s ever going to marry you since he’ll be more open to you and will let his heart out on which plans he has for both of you. Remember to use your body language to make him more attracted. The more smiley, warm and friendly you are, the more attractive you will be to men.

There you have it! The ultimate guide on how to be more attractive to men. Go out and have your dream man today.