Being romantic really isn't that hard guys. Romance for women revolves around one thing, getting attention. That's right guys any thoughts of romance, romantic events, romantic proposals, romantic vacations etc. must involve giving her max attention.

Let's start with a romantic weekend or vacation. First, eliminate the following; golf resorts (unless she's a golf junkie), football games, cars, other women doing things in bathing suits (da!) or anything else that will pull a man's attention away from her. So pick a romantic place that has low stimulation and offers opportunities for one-on-one conversations.

Picking out a romantic gift is easy, but the key is presentation. When giving such a gift, avoid doing it during a timeout or half time. Take her away to an isolated area. As the moment builds and all attention is focused on being lovers, offer her the gift. The romance so often is found in the memory of your effort.

Becoming a romantic guy is very easy especially in a committed relationship. Being with one lady allows for us to become connected. Take note of the little things that she finds special and accent them. Leave a love note in the morning, write her a romantic email (be very careful as most employees are now monitoring emails) or whisk her away to a hot bubble bath.

So guys take a few moments, learn your lady and become the romantic lover she secretly longs for.