Success can be measured in a variety of ways. For this InfoBarrel article, however, we will cover "success on InfoBarrel" as it relates strictly to making money. While the InfoBarrel website platform is incentivized really quite nicely to keep both veteran and newbie Info Barrel writers motivated enough to continue to contribute a high quantity of high quality articles, there are quite a few things you can do and consider in order to greatly escalate your chances of making money on InfoBarrel.

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While you can certainly succeed on InfoBarrel without it, I do strongly believe that this was the most powerful weapon I have added to my arsenal. Fortunatly, you can also download a completely FREE trial version. I did that nearly 3 years ago....and I haven't stopped using it since!

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Growth Realizing the inherent potential of the Info Barrel website platform can really be a great way to kick off your journey on Info Barrel. Many times, it isn't so uncommon for new Info Barrel writers to give up writing quickly after submitting only an article or two, if that. Clearly succumbing to that inherent desire to make money online quickly and reap instant gratifcation, sometimes new writers will "pack up shop" and be long gone long before they have even submitted their first ten articles in order to become pre-approved.

With over 500 new registered members in the last week alone (at the time of this writing on 23May2010), many seem to register, however, many times they fail to even return to Info Barrel. One can chalk this up to simply forgetting, although, if new writers had recognized the tremendous exponential growth that Info Barrel has been encountering, as of late, I believe they would be more inclined to stay motivated enough to make real money on Info Barrel.

Step 2

Community of Writers Info Barrel isn't just any website. It is a community of passionate writers that grows stronger by the day. I would highly recommend, to any newbie Info Barrel writer that hopes to make money, to take full advantage of the community aspect of this website. Recently, a great forum was introduced and many are quickly learning how to take advantage and make the most out of the Info Barrel community. As you invest some time and energy into contributing to the community, you would be very surprised as to the depth of knowledge and experience that Info Barrel community members have. From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) questions to seeking out general critiques of your articles, you can find this guidance and help just by simply asking kindly and politely, and contributing.

Once you begin to view yourself as a part of a community, earning on Info Barrel will become easier and easier. Take advantage of this community by contributing and tapping into its collective wealth of knowledge and experience.

Step 3

Set realistic, measurable, and timely goals. For the new Info Barrel writer, goals are esteemed so highly on Info Barrel that the owners of this website platform actually had the foresight to incentivize them. Head on over to your "My Achievements" section of your Info Barrel platform, and begin picking out achievements that you would like to achieve. These achievements do hold a deeper value in that they can serve as social proof that you are an active contributor to Info Barrel and the Info Barrel community. As you work hard to build these up, and post over on the Info Barrel forum, you will find that Info Barrel is the perfect venue to begin establishing yourself as an authority. While being an authority does require some responsibility to uphold, you will also find that fellow Info Barrel users will be more inclined to subscribe to you, read your articles, and comment on them if you are someone who consistently contributes thoughts and meaningful content.

Step 4

In order to get into the nuts-and-bolts of making money on Info Barrel, you will have to begin by signing up with a few accounts, to include Google Adsense, Amazon, and Chitika. Few Info Barrel writers seem to take a advantage of some other monetization methods for Info Barrel articles, that when used appropriately in accordance to Info Barrel's TOS (terms of service), these further methods and strategies can be used to greatly complement the money and earnings you make from strictly the revenue share aspect of the Info Barrel website platform. Because of the wealth of information it includes, you can find more information on setting up accounts and further making money from Info Barrel by visiting my "How to Make Money Writing for Info Barrel" article now.

Step 5

If you really want to be successful and make money on InfoBarrel, you have to seek out, and learn from, the best. When I first began writing for InfoBarrel in August 2009, I sought out one of the highest Info Barrel earners, with the most articles (at the time), named jcmayer777 (Jason). Although I was strong in areas such as social media promotion, throughout the course of developing our InfoBarrel course together in collaboration, I must admit that I learned quite a bit from him when it came to areas such as search engine optimization (SEO) and latent semantic indexing/analysis (lsi/lsa). A plethora of information has been written on those topics, however, for both Jason and I, the things that we have learned, that we now teach, have proven to work time and time again. Without spurting out monetary figures, out of modesty, we do really quite well here money-wise on InfoBarrel.

It is clearly in your best interest to get to know InfoBarrel writers. Learn what they do and how they do it, and success and money will follow. You can use the search function here, or click-through to their user profiles over on the InfoBarrel forum, in order to really survey their current databases of articles. Learn what they do, how they do it, and strive hard to replicate their successes. Fortunately, alot of leg work has been done already, and research can be done easily just by simply reading and surveying the writings of others.

Step 6

Sifting through the nuts-and-bolts of article construction, with adherence to principles such as SEO and LSI, can be a real time-consuming process. Although many of my 200+ current published articles give specific InfoBarrel strategies, there was no way I could cover the depth of information unless I wrote a course. After you reference my current articles, as well as, Jason's (jcmayer777) articles, I highly recommend that you purchase our course. Throughout it, we have aggregated tried and true principles that will help you to greatly decrease your time expenditure and learning curve. Current reviews reflect that it is among one of the most thorough and comprehensive courses written for ANY website platform.

Step 7

Pace yourself. Rome wasn't built in the day. Rather than succumbing to the mindset that many advocate: that you can ONLY make money if you have alot of articles, I challenge you to flip that mindset on its head. As I have found, even with a PR4 website, its not necessarily the AMOUNT of articles that will determine whether you earn alot of money on Info Barrel or not, but, rather, the clear application of principles that I teach in both my articles as well as my course.

As an example, one InfoBarrel writer I know, at the time of this writing, earns near $1,000/month with a similar amount of articles than I do. I will openly admit that I made many mistakes when I first began writing for InfoBarrel. I shot arrows into the dark with a seemingly "hit or miss" strategy like many new Info Barrel writers do. Rather than focus on the quantity of articles, if you can refine and apply the principles we teach you can arguably take 10 articles and make them earn as much, if not more, than 100 articles. My InfoBarrel articles, in connection with my course, will teach you how to do this.

Success and making money on InfoBarrel can only be realized if you are actively involved in this website. While it will take some time to establish yourself, and your database of articles, great benefit can come from being seen as an authority: someone who others trust and look to for advice and guidance. Get to know others, and help others where you can.

Even though it will take some time for you to earn from InfoBarrel, you must also realize the exponential growth that InfoBarrel is currently realizing. As can be seen in the growth chart, in Step #1 of this article, this website has been comparable and akin to getting in on the ground floor of the next killer stock. With time and InfoBarrel website growth, you will find that your articles mature faster, and will be more inclined to earning even more and more as they catapult themselves off of the established search engine authority of this website.

Those who invest in writing for InfoBarrel, while this website is in its infancy, WILL stand to earn quite a bit when this website is established among the elite websites in the world. InfoBarrel has intelligently, and gracefully, addressed many of the shortcoming, deficiencies, and flaws of even the most popular revenue sharing websites in the world, and, for that reason is currently realizing exponential growth that is destined to make many writers quite a good deal of monthly passive revenue.

Learn to master the things I speak of in this article now, and, if you even remotely apply them, your articles will realize much higher earnings than those who falsely believe that they can just publish anything and have their articles earn. While InfoBarrel writers may be afforded this luxury when InfoBarrel is a PR7 or 8 website, for now, it would be in every InfoBarrel writer's best interest to really learn SEO and LSI, and begin applying those concepts today. If you do, you will be doing more than what 90% of online writers do, and you can quickly make a name for yourself, and bring in the money to show for it.

Tips & Warnings

If anyone tells you that you must have at least (insert # here) articles in order to really earn on InfoBarrel, they are either lying or simply don't know what they are talking about. With over 200+ articles here now, I have found that many of my most recent articles earn alot, while my earlier articles earn nothing. Even though they were thoughtfully constructed, with alot of time invested, I didn't have a good comprehension or understanding of what the search engines really wanted. As a result, with 100+ articles, I made almost no money here at all. As I began to apply the strategies and principles that we reveal in our course, many of my newer InfoBarrel articles boast of earnings in excess of $20-$30/a piece PER month.