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The driving force behind a successful organization is always a team of professionals who are looking to improve their skills and increase their rate of sales by learning how to use new tools and deploy new resources. One of the newest resources that can help virtually any salesperson become better at performing their job is electronic, cloud-based proposal software, which allows for the management of customer information and proposals from anywhere in the world, on any device, so long as an Internet or mobile data connection is present. This follows the larger worldwide trend of moving essential functions online, into remotely-accessible "clouds" of storage and information, in order to improve productivity and performance.


Why Use a Cloud-Based Proposal Management Tool When Making Sales?


Because it is such a new technology, the "cloud" is often misunderstood as something which is solely for consumer use in order to store things like email, personal blogs or websites, or photographs and videos. The cloud is, in fact, much broader than the consumer needs which have helped to popularize it. Moving sales information to a cloud-based quotation software solution actually extends the workplace well beyond the walls of a traditional office. Because a sales organization's employees can now access information about products, services, and specific customers, they'll be enabled and encouraged to keep working even after they've gone home.


The cloud enables businesspeople to essentially work at their leisure from a remote site – thereby increasing productivity and lowering costs. This especially helps salespeople, as they get to learn about their clients' needs from the comfort of their own homes long after the pressures of the typical business day have passed. They can also use online proposal writing software to learn more in-depth information about a company's services and offer a well-received cross-promotion that only increases the company's revenue and its overall bottom line.


Electronic Quoting Software and the Enhanced Customer Experience


Making a sale isn't just about being persuasive; the best salespeople currently in the field must pay attention to the entire customer experience, from the moment they first interact with a company until the moment a deal has closed. Indeed, in many cases, ensuring a positive customer experience extends well beyond the close of sale, as most companies will follow up to ensure longer-term satisfaction and judge future business opportunities. This can certainly be done with a typical pen and paper, with each quote written down by hand. Salespeople can break out their calculators, generate some numbers, and give the client an overall old-fashioned experience. Or, they can choose something new.


With configurator software solutions, which are being adopted by a number of sales-oriented businesses, customers can have instant, electronic access to the exact details and costs of a proposal, as well as information on the company's services. This may entice them to increase their order or demands. It's an experience which is uniquely "21st-century" in its execution and benefits. Customers won't soon forget the company which left the paper behind in favor of electronic quote software - which reduced their own burden and the time it took to complete the sale.



Quote Generator Software Reduces the Workload While Enhancing the Profits


A key indicator of a business' overall success is their ratio of work done to sales completed. This is virtually enhanced across the board at companies which employ electronic sales to propose, document, and close their sales. That's because there software itself performs essential functions of the sales process behind the scenes, while the actual salesperson talks up the company's reputation, staff, and product details.


Those companies which wish to improve their track record of making sales will employ electronic sales software. Likewise, those salespeople who want to push the limits of how much they can sell, what they can earn, and how they can help their employer will push for electronic, cloud-based sales tools. They know that the best way to increase sales is to maximize face time with a consumer without bogging down the process with manual calculations, documentation, and last decade's sales tools. Technology moves everyone forward, and that includes sales professionals who can advance their own positions by outsourcing the most time-consuming tasks to a cloud-based software installation.