Defensive driving keeps everyone safe on the road. Everyone should learn to do defensive driving for their own safety and for the safety of others. There are a few people who are very careful and diligent and they do not take anything for granted when they drive. Their driving is a classic example of proactive driving. You can also learn how to be a defensive driver. The following tips may be useful.

The foremost tip for learning defensive driving is that you should never take anything for granted. Even if you have the right of way, you must keep a watch on your surroundings because you can not be sure that everyone follows road rules. You should be prepared to face an unscrupulous driver who may pull out in front of you.

Some of the rule-breakers may jump the red traffic light. Some other people turn to the left side when their blinker indicates the right turn and vice versa. You can not also presume that even if you are on the front of somebody, they may watch your movements. They may not be paying attention to the road at all. They may be indulging in activities like talking over their mobile phone, etc.

If you want to learn how to be a defensive driver, you should keep all these things in mind. In addition to minding your business of driving, you should keep watching how others drive and if and when they are going to commit any mistake. You should always anticipate mistakes from other drivers. This attitude keeps you alert always. This ensures your safety on the road.

You should also ensure to keep your wheel straight when you intend to turn into oncoming traffic. By doing so, your vehicle will not be pushed into the opposite lane even if you are hit by another vehicle from the behind.

You should also stay as far away as possible from larger vehicles. You should also avoid driving next to such vehicles. Drivers in large vehicles may not see other vehicles around them and they may also block your view in certain situations.

You should make it as a rule to stay at a minimum of three to five seconds distance from a vehicle that is plying before you. This is required because people take a minimum of half a second to react to a sudden situation.

By practicing the above steps, you can learn how to be a defensive driver and ensure your safety and the safety of others.