Work can be very stressful and boring if you are always seeing your boss red with anger and no friends to converse with. But you can come out on top and be everyones friend. You could get a raise or promotion for it as well.

Things You Will Need

A Job
A Positive Attitude

Step 1

The first and best thing that you need to do is make sure you are good at doing your job. That is why you got hired and why you are getting paid in the first place. This will make work less stressful for you and people around you if you are doing your work.

Step 2

Always be early to work and try not never get a desk for of work to do. You should respond to all of your e-mails as soon as possible and have a clean work environment.

Step 3

If you can, help others with things that you may know how to do. It can even be as small as helping a coworker print out copies on the copier or getting extra staples.

Step 4

It would also help you to have your cell phone or any other communication device on low rings. Also, don't have a very annoying or flashy ring tone while at work.

Step 5

Have proper hygiene. This means you shouldn't smell like body odor but you also shouldn't have ounces of perfume or cologne on.

Step 6

It is fine to gossip. Statistics show that it is a great way to start strong relationships. Just make sure it is not too harsh.

Step 7

Leave your troubles at home. Always be positive when you are at the work place.

Step 8

Go and hangout outside of work to get a better bond with your coworkers.

Tips & Warnings