Couples who are trying to avoid divorce are ultimately faced with a challenge, and that is, how to build back the trust and the partnership that they used to have. You see, along with love comes forgiveness and introspection. If you are having the same problem right now, then here are a few pieces of advice on how to save your marriage.


Advice 1: Break Down Walls in Yourself and in Your Marriage

 The first of these "save your marriage tips” is to list down 5 things that a person would like to have or see more of, from their partner. This exercise can clarify several misunderstandings that almost all couples face. The thing is, each of you carry issues from the past towards the current relationship so you should make sure you examine what you are bringing into the relationship.

Several people have built emotional walls that would prevent them from getting close to their families and friends. When you try to connect with your spouse, make sure to ask yourself if you are emotionally available for the one you wish to be closer to and intimate with again. Remember that you have to send that emotional wall crashing to the ground since  nobody else can do this for you. Plus, you have to be able to keep your interests alive. You must never become boring.


Advice 2: Communicate

When you talk to your partner, most especially in a moment of crisis, make sure that you are communicating from your heart and not just saying words that your partner wants to hear. It is quite possible to be together for years and still not know each other completely. Go on a journey to get to know yourself since it is a method that will surely lead to others knowing you as well. 

Most people these days are too quick in getting a divorce. Seek marriage help. You shouldn't be too quick to get a divorce until you've investigated every aspect of your relationship. This way, even if you still decide to do it,  you will have no unfinished business, have researched, prepared and planned yourself legally and emotionally.  

 That said, do NOT make important decisions while going through emotional problems. You can be faced with consequential decisions that should not be made when emotional tensions are very high. Wait until you’re calmer so you can look at these issues more rationally.


Advice 3: Consider the Consequences

If you have children, before you think about getting a divorce, always remember that a child's emotional and psychological needs are increased after and during a divorce. Kids will start experiencing fear, guilt and confusion. Parents should always be focused and sensitive to their children’s needs whenever they hit a rough patch as a couple.  You always have to appear brave and strong for the benefit of your children. They will  worry about their parents, most especially if there's a crisis.