Be the Best Employee that Your Boss Can't Live Without!

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Employers are always looking for ways to reduce costs and one of the first places they look is at labor costs. During a recession or even in good financial times, employers must make every effort to stay in business, stay profitable and are always looking at ways to save money. As a business owner myself, I've had to hire and unfortunately fire lots of people over the years. If you want to keep your job, find out what we look for in determining who goes and who stays when times are lean.  Learn what it takes to be the valuable employee that your company can't live without and it could save your job and even lead to advancement within your company.

Let's get started with this list of things you'll need:



hard work ethic



spirit of teamwork

Step 1

To become the most valued employee pay close attention to your attire. You must arrive professionally in the required uniform, whatever that is. It should be clean, neat and pressed every day that you arrive for work no matter what else is happening in your life. Your clean attire will make a great impression on your employer and your customers/clients. Make it a habit to get into the habit of looking your best.

Step 2

Valuable employees always arrive on time or earlier. Your employer will notice your timeliness and will remember you when he/she is looking at overall labor costs. It could be the one factor that saves your job during a recession. Being punctual is one important key to your success.

Step 3

Leave all your baggage or worries at home, stay focused on your job and don't discuss problems from home. Everyone has problems but your employer wants to know that you are focused on what you're being paid to do at all times. Every time you decide to make or take a cell phone call is taking time from your employer. When (and it will be when not if) your employer finds you using work time for personal matters, you just might find yourself looking for a new job.

Step 4

Turn your cell phone off while at work. You're being paid to do a job for a company and using your cell phone while on duty is a sure fire way not to keep your job. Using your cell phone at work is distracting and totally disrespectful of your job, the time you are being paid for, your employer and co-workers. Valuable employees know and heed this rule. Many employers have created new policies for cell phone use at work that may only entitle you to one mistake before you are terminating for using your cell phone at work.

Step 5

Stay focused on work and do a little more than is required. Employers want to keep valuable workers and they'll notice that you do extra -- you may get some bonuses out of it or a much better likelihood of advancement. It may take some time for your reward, but you will be rewarded even if it's just to maintain your employment. Be positive and stay motivated for work.

Step 6

Stay busy. There may be times when there may not seem that there's much to do but if you look around, you can always find something extra to do. In the army we were always told that if you have time to lean, you have time to clean. That's my motto and I love a clean working environment, most bosses do. That's what the key valued employees do.

Step 7

Be a team player, a helper to a co-worker or your boss. Be positive to customers and visitors. Learn something new daily for your own growth as well as the company's growth. Help to present a positive image to customers at your job and while you're away from work. Use facebook, twitter and your social networking to help to market your own job and the work place. An employer will almost never let a valuable employee such as this go.

Step 8

Work at your best level every day and if it comes down to you vs. someone else losing their job, you'll have an advantage to keeping your job. Your boss will have noticed all the things you've been doing as a valuable employee and it may save your job.




  • Smile, Smile, Smile

  • Follow all the policies and procedures of your company

  • Suggest or recommend ideas to increase the company's profitability

  • Someone is always willing and able to take your place so follow these tips to be the best employee that your boss can't live without to save your job
  • These are the tips I've used over the many years of working for someone else and when I started my own restaurant, they're also the same tips I've shared with my employees to help them be the best that they can be - it's a win-win for everyone!


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