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SAD or the Seasonal Affective Disorder, winter blues depression or whatever name you want to use, it’s a mood disorder that affects a significant part of the population and although it is only noticeable during the cold and dark months of the year, this disorder is the cause of unhappiness of many people every day. It is not easy to diagnosed SAD as we all feel a bit down during winter; however, treating it is not as difficult as you think; the important thing is to understand you have a problem that is affecting you and others around you.


Although we all feel like hibernating when the days become shorter and colder; it is not normal to feel depressed for long period of times and if this feeling happens only during winter, when the lack of sunlight and cold days and nights is the norm; then you might be suffering from the seasonal affective disorder – this is caused by the high levels of the hormone responsible to make you sleep during the night ‘melatonin’. 

-How to Beat SAD

Identify that you have a mood disorder is the first step to beat SAD; although it is a type of depression, it is caused by a specific situation (lack of sunshine) that can be easily treated if you know you are suffering from it.


1.    Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp

Credit: Ricardo Baigorria This powerful and highly effective therapy lamp will provide the natural healing rays that you and your body need to get relief from winter blues and sleep problems. This lamp simulates the rays produced by the sun but without the negative effects and damages to your skin and the best part is that you can check your emails, read the newspaper, a book or a magazine when using this light box; it is not an intrusive and it works without using drugs, medicines or expensive sessions with your therapist.


Only a few days of use when you feel down is enough to make you feel better; however, it can be safely used throughout winter; thirty minutes a day is sufficient and it will not only improve your mood but it will help you improve your sleeping patterns, fatigues if you work shifts, irritability and jet lag.


2.    Light Therapy Alarm Clock

Credit: Ricardo Baigorria Our body has been designed to wake up with the first rays of sunshine; this is one of the reasons why people suffer from SAD; however, the easy solution is a light therapy alarm clock – waking up everyday with a natural and safe energy light will make you feel better during the day and will beat the SAD feelings of depression. Amazon offers one of the best therapy clocks – the Philips goLite Blu Light Theraphy Device; this portable and rechargeable therapy light has been clinically proven to boost your mood and energy and the best part is that it only needs 15 minutes a day to achieve this.


The advanced bluewave technology will help you to combat SAD in a natural way by regulating your body with the use of light, producing the hormones boots to help you go through the day without mood changes or disorders; you will notice the difference straight away and although it has an advanced technology it is easy to use and control.


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