Woman Exercising

So you've put on a couple extra pounds over the holidays, or maybe you're getting ready for your wedding, or maybe you're just trying to get back into shape to show off your once glorious beach body.  You're ready to start seeing a new, healthier, trimmer you but there's a problem.  Eating healthier has helped a bit, but hasn't done much in terms of losing more than a few pounds and done almost nothing when it comes to losing inches off your waistline.  You know that you're going to need to start exercising but you can't overcome your fear of doing so.  Exercise in is the left hook in the one-two punch of diet and exercise and healthier living can hardly be achieved without.  That being said, you'll need to find a way to conquer your fear of exercise.

Start Small

So it's been awhile since you've gone out of your way to be physically active and you fear of exercise has you convinced that getting on a treadmill and starting to run will be physically painful and humiliating.  Well, maybe that's because it's better to work up to intense work out.  Instead of just grabbing your jogging shoes and going for a run or immediately hitting the weights, just get up off the couch go outside and do something, anything, active.  Even just going for a walk on a daily basis counts as exercise and eventually you can work your way up to power walking, to jogging, to running and then maybe even a full-fledged cardio workout. 

The reason many people have a fear of exercise is that they start off after a long sedentary period by going as hard as they can, burning themselves out immediately and giving them the impressions that they just can't do it.  Thusly they develop a fear of exercise and can't seem to get themselves over it.  Starting small and slowly working up to more intense workout is a more natural way to go and well help you develop the confidence you need to conquer your fear of exercise.

Find a Physical Activity You Enjoy

Your fear of exercise could be caused by the impression that exercise has to be painful, stressful and boring.  Just jogging or lifting weights can be incredibly dull and easy to give up on.  However, activities such as baseball, basketball, hockey and skiing are also forms of exercise and much more fun.  If you have a outdoor hobby, odds are you can overcome your fear of exercise by using that activity as a way to get active.  A physical activity counts as exercise and some of the afore mentioned sports are great ways to get in shape.  Swimming and skiing in particular are great to help you overcome your fear of exercise as they are quite fun and provide a solid workout so you'll be seeing results without feeling like you're just exercising.