Getting into shape will make you feel better regardless of how much income you have, or even if you are like me, and have no regualr source of income this time of the year. There will never be a time in your life when physical exercise will not be beneficial to you. You only might have to change the degree and intensity of exercise as you age, but exercise regularly, and you're aging will become slower.

Living in a lovely nation and a lovely neighborhood is something that everyone strives for, now, we do not all have to agree on what makes a neighborhood, either rural or urban, beautiful. But, as the author here, for all intents and practical purposes I simply must insist that we do all agree on one thing. Litter is ugly, and it is indeed criminal to litter. However, that being said, I do approve of certain kinds of littering.

WHAT? Yes, you see, if you litter by throwing aluminum cans out the window of your vehicle, or even if you happen to be the odd duck that likes to chance things by walking around with a six pack of canned beers, and litter as you go; I approve of this. Do you know why I approve of your littering? Because I LOVE to pick up aluminum cans. I simply am never ceasing to be completely disgusted with those foul, foolish ones among us who throw cans into gargabe bins. Those people bother me much, much more than do the people who throw cans into the ditches, or onto the sidewalks. There are many other like me, who appreciate picking up those cans as we walk, or ride our bicycles about in order to get to where we are going, and to get our exercise.

Please and thank you, and by all means continue to litter. . .but only litter by throwing out your cans, and only aluminum cans.

I pick up cans constantly. I love nothing more than to see that rich young ruler in his Hummer H2, and his superior fascade as he sees me in the ditch putting aluminum cans into a plastic bag, which I also saved from the grocery store. I love nothing more than to make a dime for every one of his dollars; and not pay a lick of IRS taxes with my dime to his dollar. I do not consent to my hard earned money going to the internal revenue service in order to be spent in malicious and evil foreign wars of aggression, oppression, subjucation, and imperalism in the name of me. Hell no!

Should you do as I do, and go walking, biking, and canning; then you'll feel better about yourself for having done so, cleaned up and beautified your neighborhood, and earned yourself some tax free income from scrap alluminum at the scrap yard. I hope that this has been helpful to someone.