There are many roles within the professional medical field as well as workplace, all of which are continually changing with the advances in technology. Every health care worker has their particular job, whose focus is making one facet of the lives of their patients easier. There are over ten million people in the medical workforce. This includes doctors and nurses, all of whom utilize technology to ensure that the relationships with their patients remain healthy, professional, safe, and effective. Everyone in the workforce has their own particular job when it comes to making patients’ lives easier.

The Roles a Doctor Plays

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The role of the doctor is generally seen as taking care of their patients; however their job also involves diagnosing, prescribing medicines, and answering medical questions. The doctors must make informed decisions about the patients based upon the patient advocacy of the nurses.

University Education

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To become a doctor, the first thing you must do is to ensure that you have completed a college education. Once you have completed a bachelor’s degree in a field related to medical doctors such as biology, chemistry, sports psychology, etc…, then you must begin preparing for entrance exams. The MCAT is the preparatory test which must be passed prior to entering into medical school.

Medical Examinations


To become a doctor or surgeon within this field, after completing your undergraduate the next step is taking the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). The focus is on science, humanities, and social studies. Once passed, you must be accepted to a medical school where you will earn your medical degree over the course of four years before you become a doctor. The first two years consist of classroom work and labs. The last two years offer the opportunity to work on patients while under supervision. Residency is the next step which lasts three to eight years. Residency is where you gain direct experience in your field. After you have completed residency, you must take the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) so that you may become licensed in the state in which you choose to work and then you can become a doctor.

Residency Programs

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Entering a residency program, which offers paid training and direct work experience, is an essential step to become a doctor. During residency, aspiring doctors work directly with patients and perform various duties, such as diagnosing illnesses and conditions, providing treatment and compiling medical histories. Residencies typically last three to eight years and allow individuals to focus on a chosen specialty. The last step is receiving certification in your specific field. Generally the cost of the first year of medical school is $25,000.


 When you become a doctor there are great job opportunities and potential careers in many areas. The opportunities for employment vary depending upon which degree you have. With a simple undergraduate degree and an internship to pave the way, there are positions as certified athletic trainers, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapy, sports psychology, and nutrition. Trainers can earn a starting salary of around $40,000 while doctors can make upwards of $600,000 per year.