You Too Can Become

Famous On Youtube Also
To become famous on youtube fast, you need to be innovative, intelligent, and have a bit of luck. There are many "youtube" celebrities; people who've gained notoriety from the video sharing website itself. Some of these youtubers became famous quickly, while others took many years to become famous on youtube.
I shall share tips on how to become famous on youtube fast, gain subscribers, and how to choose a video niche.

Step 1:/
Get a good quality camera. This is essential. I cant begin to tell you how many youtubers have the potential to be catapulted to Youtube stardom; but are held back by crappy video quality. I recommend using a camera with atleast 8 or more megapixels.

Step 2:
Pick a niche. Many people just do "vlogs". Which is an acronym for "video logs". These are just general entries of people talking about whatever they want to talk about it. There are other more lucrative niches on Youtube, and you need to choose one if you want to become famous on youtube fast. Some of these more lucrative niches are gadget, technology reviews. These can range from cell phone reviews to computer hardware reviews. These take a little bit more time than other types of videos, but they tend to pay off more. Make "gurus" is another niche. Youtubers love to see reviews and techniques on makeup.

Step 3:
Start recording. It is important that you let your personality shine through. If you are boring and bland, no one will subscribe to you and you will essentially be ignored by the youtube community.

Step 4:
Variety is key. Keep your audience entertained. They will stick around as subscribers and they will definitely help you become famous on Youtube fast.

Step 5:
Interact with people. If someone writes to you, make sure you respond. Your views will also increase because the person will have to check back on your video to see what you have written. Also this creates a sense of common ground and community between you and your subscribers.

Tips And Warnings:
If you follow these tips, you will definitely get a following on youtube. You will then be able get into the Youtube Partner Program. If you get accepted into the Youtube Partner Program-with enough subscribers and views of course-you will start to get paid for your videos! And who doesn't want that right?