This how-to guide will simply give you some useful tips which you can use to become a stronger volleyball player. This guide can probably benefit you no matter whether you are a frequent player ot just an occasional dabbler.

Things You Will Need

Just a volleyball court, some friends to play with, a volleyball, and some patience.

Step 1

By playing volleyball with people who have more skill than you, you will be able to become a better player in no time. I believe this is the best way to improve your game. If you are constantly playing with people who are worse than you, you won't be challenged and therefore you won't get any better. You will learn new playing strategies and new tricks for better play just by watching skilled players.

Step 2

If you have someone who can watch you play and critique you, then this can be very useful for assessing what you need to change. By finding a good player who can spectate you, you can usually figure out exactly what you are doing wrong, or what you could be doing better. Also when receiving advice from someone on how to play volleyball better don't take it to heart and feel insulted, since they are just trying to help.

Step 3

Whenever playing volleyball, just make sure you are always actively trying to improve your game. Even though this might be obvious, you don't ever want to assume that you are already good enough at volleyball. When you do this it will be hard for you to learn new playing styles and strategies. Remember that no matter how good you get, there will most definitely be some room for improvement. By using these three aspects of improvement, there's a good chance you will be beating all your friends in volleyball after some time. Just try to commit to the tips in this article and you will surely notice at least some improvement. Finding a great player who can coach you, or even hiring a volleyball trainer can be extremely helpful too. Also keep in mind having some decent volleyball equipment never hurts. I recommend a good pair of mens volleyball shoes.

Tips & Warnings