So you want to become a better writer?

I hope that I can offer a few words of advice to you help you improve your writing skill.

Ok it may be cheesy but there is a saying that  “Practice makes perfect”.  In a nutshell there is no better way to become better at your writing than practice.   If you want to become a writer then you must write all the time.  Submit your writing and receive feedback from your peers, and from writing forums.  The results have been fantastic for me.  If I could recommend just one thing it would be only to write often. 

Something else that would improve you ability as a writer is to outline your content before placing the words on the paper.  For creative stories you may want to describe your characters and have a plot.  For articles like this one you may want to start with a title and then write out specific items you want included to talk about.  The outline for this article went just like this;

How to Become a Better Writer






Do not try to tell the reader you vision,  make the reader "feel" your vision.

Example:  Her eyes were beautiful.

This statement could almost be found on VCR instructions.  It offers no insight into what the writer is really seeing and feeling. 
Example 2: Her eyes were dark chocolate-brown, soulful eyes.  I would feel myself being pulled into their depths each time I looked.  My heart would race worried that she would catch me staring.

Could you feel the emotion that I had written into the second example?

If you tell people what you see they will lose interest and probably not even look at the rest of the story. Even if it was a fantastic story.  You have to be able  to hook your reader with Emotion.  Do this by telling them what you feel.  Have them at the edge of their seat wanting to know more.
Editing is a skill we all must learn to become a better writer.  But be careful!  You must first let your thoughts flow to the paper, accessing all the creativeness in your mind.  If you attempt to edit while you are writing your mind switches from creative to analytical and you could end up losing inspiration that was just on the verge of appearing on the paper.  After you have all your creative energy written in your piece, then go back over with the edit stick. 

Editing will also help you by making sure your sentences make sense.  Read through your story as much as you can, find the little mistakes here and there.  Correct punctuation if needed.  And if you think there is still more editing,(hint: usually is),  then have someone else read it.  Have them tell you what sounds funny or where there needs to be words added.
Writing isn’t really hard to do, just follow the keys of practice, outline, emotion, and editing.  Your readership will definitely grow as you become better at this skill.

Good luck and have fun with these tips, they will surely help you become the writer that you aspire to be.