The quest for wealth is a path that is unique for each and every person. The milestones between necessity, comfort, freedom and wealth are as different as the paths we choose to acquire each level.

Most of us, from a very young age, are taught that we need to choose a profession where we can best sell our time in a manner that makes us happy. This can be as mundane as selling your time for minimum wage selling soda's and fuel, to as rewarding as selling your time for $350k/yr as a surgeon. Without regard to which profession we choose, they both involve selling your time. When you decide that you want to stop working, your employer immediately ceases to pay you.

Whether your make 12k per year, or 1,000,000 per year, you are limited to the income that is considered reasonable to your profession. Starting your own business in your field may pay you substantially more than working for somebody else, but the time required often goes up proportionally. Besides, this article discusses the ways to become a billionaire, not a millionaire.

One of the fundamental differences between a billionaire, and everyone else, is their thought processes. A billionaire doesn't concentrate on how to make $9 per hour. A billionaire doesn't concentrate on how to make $700 per hour. A billionaire identifies a fundemental need that requires filling that will earn $$ / hour for him, without his continued input. Alternatively, a future billionaire looks for ways that earns money per action, rather than an amount / time.

So what are the avenues which you too can partake to earn your hundreds of millions? Oh little grasshopper, becoming a billionaire is possible, but nobody said it was easy, nor likely. Becoming universally wealthy begins with making your first dollar. Earning your second dollar will undoubtedly take substantially less time than earning your first. Earning your first thousand will likely take longer than earning your second thousand.

The least expensive entry into the world of wealth is sales. Sales of anything. If you sell wire coathangers, you simply need to find a way to sell a lot of coathangers. After your coathangers begin to sell, it would probably be best to diversify your portfolio. If a competitor in the coathanger industry cuts you out, everything you worked for is gone. If you sell coathangers, also sell flashlights. Or include medical supplies in your arsenal. The idea is that each item that you decide to sell should be unique to itself. In a month that hanger sales are down, gauze may be up. The more diversified your sales portfolio, the more resiliant your warchest.

How do you begin doing sales, with little or no sales experience? One relatively simple method is to find ways to open internet stores. The internet brings an opportunity unique to our time. Millions of people may come to your internet storefront, and the sales of those goods require absolutely no input from you. Nearly every online merchant offers an affiliate sales program. While the internet is already filled with online stores, the trick will be finding niche items to sell. Perhaps the computer industry has too many outlets. Perhaps the printer industry has too many outlets. What about replacement power cords for printers, and the USB 2.0 cable between the printer and the computer? It is commonplace now for companies to sell the printers without the USB cable, and it is much more common for printer companies to utulize proprietary cables for powering their devices. If those cables have been lost, the replacement costs through the printer manufacturer can be extremely high, and tedious to purchase.

Are you going to become a billionaire selling computer cables? Absolutely not, but once you have become accustomed to creating online stores (which will be a surprisingly short period of time, without regard to your understanding before you start) you could create a store to sell online computer cables in a couple of hours. That site, over time, could begin to earn a couple hundred dollars per day. As you revisit the wants and needs this site can attend to, adding to the library of items available, perhaps even thousands of dollars per day. The key is, you are not selling cables out of your garage, you are selling cables through an affiliate program. The orders are placed, the money is made, and the entire time, you are tending to the next site or storefront that earns your next

Where you begin does not have to be where you end. A good place to start could be trading stocks, or trading currencies. Whether you enter the game well funded, or with just a couple hundred dollars, the place to begin is reading, reading, more reading, learning how to spot trends. When you begin to get your feet wet, start with penny stocks.

Throughout the process, keep your eye on the ball. Making a billion dollars does not happen through one transaction. Very rarely will you think of a successful business idea while you are pondering how much money you would like to have, or what you would do with the money. Focus on how you can make residual income in small increments at first. Making $15 per day is not that hard. Making $1,000 per day is not 66x's as time consuming, because with each day you are working towards your goal, you will become more efficient. Once you have figured out how to make $1,000 per day, making $10,000 per day will come much easier.