With the shortage of available registered nurses continues to grow, healthcare organizations are turning to other skilled and trained workers to help fill some of the gaps in treatment and care. Certified medication aides are just one of the positions helping as they have the training and capabilities to provide medication to patients. For this reason the demand for med aides is growing in Colorado, which is why now is the perfect time to learn how to become a CMA in Colorado.

Things You Will Need

CMA License

Step 1

Complete high school or obtain your GED. All CMAs in Colorado are required to have a high school diploma or GED certificate before obtaining their certification.

Step 2

Obtain your CNA license. Getting your license to be a certified nurse aide in Colorado can take anywhere from one to nine months depending upon the length of your training program and when you take your CNA exam.

Step 3

Work a minimum of 2,000 hours as a CNA. One of the requirements of obtaining certification as a medication aide is to work for at least 2,000 hours as a certified nurse aide. If working full-time in a CNA position this requires you to work for almost one year before applying to become a medication aide in Colorado.

Step 4

Take and complete CMA course. As you near the end of your 2,000 hours working as a CNA, you can begin taking a course that prepares you to become a CMA in Colorado. CMA courses are offered throughout the state at different times of the year and provide both classroom and clinical experience.

Step 5

Submit application to become a CMA. After completing your CMA class you can apply to officially be certified with the state of Colorado and able to work in this position in healthcare facilities. With your application you should submit a $12 application fee as well as the proof of training affidavit. The affidavit should verify that you completed a minimum of 90 hours passing medication in a facility under the direction of a licensed healthcare staff member such as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. This affidavit should be filled out by the administrator of the healthcare facility and signed by the staff member who supervised you.

Step 6

Register for and pass the medication aide exam. The final step in how to become a CMA in Colorado is to take and pass the state certification exam. You can register for the exam with Comira. Once you've achieved this step you can receive your license to work as a CMA in Colorado.

Tips & Warnings

You must be 18 or older to become a certified medication aide in Colorado.