If one of your dreams is learning how to become a chef then this article can get you started on the path to fulfilling your culinary dreams.

How to Become a Chef - Getting Prepared

Culinary Classes

If you have no real background in cooking then one of your first steps is to sign up for a cooking class. You can often find culinary training through your local community college or perhaps a local cooking school. Taking part in a class such as this is crucial for a couple of reasons: these classes and lessons can help you to determine if you truly desire to become a chef and help you to understand a lot of the necessary terms, tools and the basics of cooking right and cooking well.

You don't have to have a love of everything culinary to know that there is a lot that being a chef entails from understanding the best cuts of meat, how to cut meat, the difference between dicing and cubing, seasoning, right down to how to quickly and efficiently handle knives. These are all things that can be touched on in classes and by knowing and having this experience you can better manage your time without sacrificing taste.

How to Become a Chef - Getting Prepared

Experience and Hands on Training

The next step, after you've taken a class and decided that becoming a chef is still the career move you'd like to make, is to get some experience. Getting experience as a cook or chef comes as does experience for anything else - it means getting a job in the field. Apply to local cooking or chef positions. It is ok to start out small for starters to help you gain confidence and move up into a more established position when you have more faith in your culinary abilities.

Experience will not only help you to hone your skills and put them into action but it also looks good on your resume in the future and shows potential "culinary arts and trainings schools" that you understand some of what it takes.

How to Become a Chef - Chef Schools

Choosing a Professional Culinary School or Training Institute

You have taken your classes, got some experience under your belt ( or apron if you will ) and all the while dreams of being a professional chef and preparing delectable cuisine are still prevalent. So what do you do now?

That answer is easy - you apply to a professional culinary school to get real professional training and open the door to more exclusive, higher paying, high end and long term positions.

Choosing a Professional Culinary School or Training Institute

Which Chef Schools are Best

Choosing the right training facility is not always an easy choice because there are a lot of very highly recommended chef schools. If you don't already have a place in mind some suggestions to research are as follows: Le Cordon Bleu and Culinary Institute of America. Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts school is well known as being one of the top chef schools and is available nearly anywhere you can imagine including: London, Australia, Canada and several other locations throughout North America. The Culinary Institute of America is another premier option for those searching out the right chef schools and has people traveling from all over the world to attend one of its culinary colleges in Texas, California and New York.

The examples above are just a few of the most publicly acclaimed institutes who have trained and produced some of the world's most renowned chefs. There are of course a lot of other options. To find the the school that is right for you entails researching your options and understanding your goals.