Are you looking to become a great DJ? For this to take place, it takes a certain kind of charisma and energy to always bring life to any occasion. Learn how to get started in becoming a DJ, whether you want to pursue it casually, or professionally.

Things You Will Need

DJ Equipment

Step 1

Learn with your eyes and ears first. Before even touching any DJ equipment, go online and watch videos and tutorials on how to handle any basic DJ methods. Over time, start practicing what you learned if you have any equipment handy.

Step 2

Go to a local club and become friends with the DJ. Ask him anything you'd like to know, from his mixing techniques to any other tricky methods he my have to bring life to the party. Take good notes and put what you learned to practice.

Step 3

When ready, decide whether you want to DJ professionally or not. In other words, if you just want some fun or money on the side while performing at Boys and Girls clu8bs or small gatherings, get yourself any good, yet used equipment such as a tabletop with a CD player. However, if you plan on becoming the next big thing in town, purchase yourself reliable vinyl and mixers to ensure great quality every time.

Step 4

Get in touch with all music genres. To truly succeed as a DJ, explore the latest and greatest hits out there, whether new or old. Find out what gets the crowd moving even if you have to step out of your comfort zone and play music you generally don't listen to.

Step 5

Participate in free events. Do not just play music for money, as part of becoming a good, respected DJ means getting your name out there by all means necessary. Go to small celebrations and casually mix your best songs to deliver a great impression.

Step 6

Keep the crowd moving through communication. Even though verbal skills and not usually required, keep everyone entertained with good, charismatic shout outs and great body language to add variety to a great party.


Tips & Warnings