Do you ever wonder how your favorite writers and bloggers earn so much through freelance writing and why their work is highly requested? Do you know how to grab a client's attention, get them engaged and wanting to hire more? Do you know the principles of successful freelance writing?

No matter what your current level is, whether you're an experienced writer, a beginner or a typical blogger, you can always use these techniques to help you pull your clients in and hold their attention. Once you know the basics of freelance writing, you can learn to speak directly to your intended audience according to their specific interests.

Freelance writing is one of the most controversial topics in the world of young writers. Many would-be writers believe that writing full time is not a real job. Others believe that it is too hard to get established and there is no significant money in it. These misconceptions usually come from an shallow look into the details of the job and its large potentials.

How to become a succesful freelance writer
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Phase 1: Prepare Yourself

In order to take the first steps towards your writing success story, you will have to make sure you are set up for the job. Working on both your psychological and technical selves, you will manage to heighten your self confidence and excel since your very first job.

Believe in Yourself

The first step you must take after deciding to become a freelance writer is to build significant inner belief within yourself. You will not succeed in any means in freelance writing if you don't really believe that you're one for the job. Lack of faith will only cause you to give up before starting.

Therefore, it is crucial that you convince yourself that you are more than capable of breaking into the successful freelance's world and get instant access to its hall of fame. Yes, you are supposed to be among these people who blog about how they earn 200$+ an hour. It just a matter of time, and faith.

Eventual clients, your depending source of income, can easily detect your lack of confidence and therefore turn you down. In other words, it is better to be an average writer with self confidence than being a great writer ruined by self-doubt.

Learn to Write

Improving your writing skills is as important as learning to find prospective clients or to negotiate rates effectively. Writing skills are the most powerful element in terms of building your freelance writing career. Therefore, working on their enhancement is decisive to any future success you're planning to achieve.

Learn how to captivate readers with your words, know your intended audience and practice engaging writing. Use time to your benefit and extend your vocabulary and language skills. It is also recommended that you interact with experienced writers and be highly active in multiple writing forums.

Consider Your Expertise

It is very important for you to know that you are capable of offering any number of topics if you manage to consider what your expertise is. You simply need an intermediate amount of understanding of a certain topic to be able to teach the majority of the market about it.

Once you feel that you are experienced enough in a specific field, unleash your abilities and offer value in it. I am very certain that you are "expert enough" in a considerable number of fields to make a difference.

Keep an Open Mind

In the world of freelance writing, you always need to be as open minded as can concerning subjects you're happy to write about. Anything that pays an okay rate is a recommended opportunity for you to take.

A very important fact about freelance writing is that, when constantly writing about a certain topic, you begin to have a certain knowledge about it. Writing is equivalent to learning. Therefore, once you manage to step into a specific market and get recognized, you will soon discover that your perceived value heightens and that the door is open in front of you to step into more important opportunities.

Phase 2: Find Work

As soon as you feel that you are in a situation that allows to produce in the freelance writing field, go for it. Do not waste any more time on relatively small projects when you know that you're up for the gold.

Develop your Portfolio

Your portfolio is like your identity card, it tells your potential clients who you are. It should contain multiple samples of your previous jobs as well as some of your works at sites like HubPages, Squidoo and Infobarrel if available. A good looking portfolio is sure to provide you with a great deal of new clients so make sure to give it the necessary care.

Moreover, it is highly recommended that have your own professional looking domain. It tells your prospective clients enough about your expertise and encourages them to hire you. It should be frequently updated to keep your clients aware of all your latest actions and works.

Develop Your Niche(s)

If there is one thing most clients are looking for in their writers, it's expertise. Therefore, if you believe that you are an expert in a certain subjects, do not hesitate to use that in your advantage. Clients value a writer who are in deep knowledge with what they're handling with, and can excel at producing what their organization needs.

Therefore, figuring out which subject you excel at the most is an important step towards big projects. Once you keep writing about a certain topic, you begin to have a certain amount of knowledge about it, you begin to have a certain uniqueness in writing about its subjects.

As long as you spend most of your time writing about largely various topics, you will never gain enough expertise in any of them. So, get a clear vision of your targeted niche and work on it. The speed of your result acquiring particularly depends on the quantity and quality of your training.

Sign Up for Freelancing Sites

I recommend Elance. Many clients there offer significant rates for good work but the competition is, however, extremely high as well. Therefore, when bidding, make sure to be as clear and concise as your client is dealing with a number of bidders in addition to yourself so a relatively short proposal is always a good sign for them.

Moreover, you need to let your client know why you are more qualified for the job than other bidders. Highlight your experience, your strength and make sure to attach samples of your best relevant previous works on the site.

When accepted, make sure to satisfy your first client as they will (probably) leave a feedback on your profile which is for everyone to read and is not possible to erase. This first (five stars) feedback will be considered as live evidence on your expertise by prospective client and therefore is priceless. Building strong relationships with your clients is the golden key to success in freelance writing, do not leave it to chance.

Learn to Write Fast

Writing fast does not only mean having a significant typing speed (which is very important), as one might think. Your writing speed is actually defined by the time you spend working from the first second you decide to produce an article to the point you get it published. 

Your ability to work quickly has a direct impact on your ability to make more money. For example, if a writer can write a 100$ worth article in 2 hours and another is able to accomplish the same job in 1 hour, wouldn't the second earn twice more than his friend? That's why time should be your strength point, use it.

Practice and Expand Your Skills

Stay close to your niches, but expand your skills and expertise in them. You are going to come across a lot of error and fall into several failures in order to earn your own value in the freelance world. You will learn to organize your techniques and manage your time as the situations will continuously change during your journey to success.

Freelance writing is a business, so to be successful, treat it for what it is. Find your own work space, and get rid of all possible distractions. You can do this even if no one sees for you, you can see it for yourself. This is freelance writing, and this is what are about to master.