Gold Party Representative

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The position of Gold Party Representative has become increasingly popular as people look for ways to turn unwanted jewelry into cash. A gold representative receives training on how to test and price the precious metal. The rep then runs gold parties where attendees bring their unwanted gold objects in hopes of walking away with cash in their hand. The representative generally receives a percentage of the gold purchased at each party. If you would like to take this approach to earn money, you'll be glad to know that the position does not require any specials skills. If you're an outgoing person and enjoy helping people, you will likely succeed as a gold party representative.

Receive Training 

Sign up with a reputable company that provides gold party services. Simply enter the search term "Gold Party Representative" into your browser. The search results will contain a list of gold party services. Choose a legitimate company and sign up to become a gold party representative.

Most companies train their reps. Some companies provide free training, while others may charge a training fee of $500 or more. Once the training is over, you should know how to test and price scrap gold. You will also receive a testing kit.

If you cannot travel to the training location, some companies will come to you. Such companies often require that you book three gold parties in your area. A company's representative will travel to your area and help you run the parties. You receive on-the-job training, while still earning your commission. A rep's commission is generally about 10 percent of the purchased gold.

Follow Up on Leads

Gold party services generally provide leads to their reps. You attend the party. Evaluate the gold and purchase the item on the spot.

Generate Your Own Leads

To increase your earnings, let family and friends know that you have become a gold party representative. Explain what the position involves. Some people are not familiar with this type of party. Have business cards made and ask your family and friends distribute them at their place of employment and among their neighbors. Offer them a small percentage for referrals.

Become an Independent Gold Party Representative

You can increase your profit if you eliminate the middle man. Learn to test and price gold. Book your own gold parties. Purchase gold and sell it to a gold refiner.

Purchase Gold

Depending on the company, some reps pay for the gold they purchase at the parties they attend with their own cash. Afterward, they sell the items and recoup the money. Other companies pay for any overhead expenses, including the gold.

Overall, becoming a gold party representative is generally hassle free and the training does not take long. With some companies you can even receive on-the-job training, while still earning your commission. You can run gold parties full or part time to make fast money. Regardless of how many hours you choose to work as a gold party representative, running gold parties is a practical way to make easy money.

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