A Green Real Estate Agent is a licensed real estate professional that has taken continuing education courses specializing in brokering sustainable buildings, sites and connection of prospective clients with other sustainable professionals such a builders and architects.
EcoBroker is a designation program for licensed real estate professionals providing education on energy and environmental issues and strategies for capitalizing on the growing green market. Both of these terms can be used interchangably, but the correct designation is EcoBroker, even though the agent is not required to be a real estate broker per se.

Things You Will Need

Access to a computer

Pass the EcoBroker Environmental Advantage Continuing Education Course - 6 Hours

Pass the EcoBroker Energy Advantage Continuing Education Coursem -6 Hours

Pass the EcoBroker Green Market Advantage Continuing Education Coursem -6 Hours

Step 1

image1146 Educational Requirements to become an EcoBroker or green real estate agent are three 6-hour state-approved continuing education courses to licensed real estate professionals in states throughout the U.S. The three courses consist of EcoBroker Environmental Advantage, EcoBroker Energy Advantage and
EcoBroker Green Market Advantage. EcoBroker Environmental Advantage and EcoBroker Energy Advantage can be taken in any order; however, you must complete both courses prior to starting the third course, EcoBroker Green Market Advantage. EcoBrokers maintain their designation by successfully completing the EcoBroker Annual Advantage course each year.

Step 2

image1147 EcoBrokers maintain their designation by successfully completing the EcoBroker Annual Advantage course each year. This is a 4-hour continuing education course, which is a yearly requirement. Dues for maintaining your EcoBroker designation is $129/year.

This required course will keep you educated and informed of progress in the energy and environmental fields, and to keep you abreast of innovative EcoBroker marketing ideas and success stories.

Step 3

When a client lists a green project, the EcoBroker can post the listings on www.ecobroker.com for their client. Additionally the client can work with an EcoBroker and "co-advertise" the listings. This means the EcoBroker would post the listings for the client on the www.ecobroker.com under the EcoBrokers name. The result is that buyers are attracted to the property and the agent, so both parties benefit. In the end, posting listings on the website is a privilege of EcoBroker licensure so this privilege is not extended to non-EcoBroker Certified agents or other parties. By using an EcoBroker to list a clients property, this give s a decided advantage over using conventional real estate agents, that is if you have a home with green building or sustainable ratings and characteristics.

Step 4

Summarizing, here are he necessary steps:
  1. Hold a current license as a real estate professional.
  2. Enroll in the course
  3. Complete the EcoBroker Curriculum; three courses online or in the classroom
  4. Post your EcoBroker Profile, personal web site link, and listings online at EcoBroker.com
  5. Take advantage of EcoBroker marketing templates, tools, and customer service.

Reasons why you may become an eco-broker:
It differentiates you from the other 2.6 million real estate professionals in the U.S.
Help sellers market increased value of homes with energy efficiency and environmental features.
Illustrate to cliens the purchasing power through energy-efficient mortgages and other programs
Enhances customer satisfaction.
Expands your referral network.

Tips & Warnings

With more people joining the green building movement the EcoBroker designation gives you a distinct advantage over other real estate agents.
The EcoBroker designaion is not associated with the National Board of Realitors.