While disabled individuals have limitations to their physical capabilities, many are still able to complete the same tasks and jobs as people without disabilities. However not all people with disabilities have the resources to get and keep a job, which is why some use the services of a job coach to help them. You can work with disabled people to assist them in finding employment by learning how to become a qualified job coach for the disabled.


Get experience. Obtain experience working with disabled individuals through previous jobs or by volunteering. Learn what laws protect and help disabled people in the workplace. Make sure that you are comfortable working with a wide range of physical and mental disabilities since each person you coach will be different.


Learn how to assess skills. Become familiar with skill inventory forms or software that allow you to assess a person‘s strengths and experience. Understand how to take the skills that are strongly indicated in these tests and apply them to the workplace to identify jobs that are a good fit for the disabled person.


Network with employers. Get to know the personnel representatives and operating officers of businesses and organizations in your communities. Attend business luncheons and events hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations to meet and network with these people. Learn if employment opportunities for disabled individuals are available at their facility, and learn what their application process requires. When assisting the disabled person in finding a job, reach out to your contacts to see what opportunities are available.


Develop good communication. Once employed, check regularly with the disabled person and the company to ensure both parties are benefiting from the employment arrangement. Follow up with any problems or complaints immediately before they grow in size. Let the disabled person know that as the job coach, you’re available if he has additional problems or concerns about his employment or workplace.