Much of the demand for nurses in healthcare in Florida is focused on RNs. However the demand is just as great for licensed practical nurses (LPNs) as they play an important role in helping to care for patients. With an abundance of career opportunities open in this field now is the perfect time to learn how to become a licensed practical nurse in Florida.

Things You Will Need

LPN License

Step 1

Graduate from a LPN program. There are many different technical schools and community colleges that offer LPN programs for their students in the state of Florida. You can even attend a program outside the state as long as it is comparable to accredited LPN programs in Florida. In most cases these programs take nine months to one year to complete although actual length will depend upon where you go and whether you are a full or part-time student.

Step 2

Submit an application for your LPN license. Once you've completed the educational requirement of graduating from a licensed practical nurse program you can apply for your license. There is an application you will need to fill out and a licensing fee of $200 you will need to pay.

Step 3

Attach to the license proof of prevention of medical errors class. All applicants for an LPN license in Florida are required to take a two hour course titled "prevention of medical errors." This highlights some of the most common mistakes made in the healthcare field and what LPNs can do to lower and eliminate these costly and sometimes deadly errors.

Step 4

Complete the health history form and return with application. To ensure that you are physically capable of performing the tasks required of a licensed practical nurse in Florida, the nursing board requires you submit information about your health. Depending upon the answers you provide additional documentation may be requested to prove you're healthy, but it doesn't mean that you are automatically denied a license.

Step 5

Send a transcript from your LPN program. After submitting your application you will need to submit an official transcript that shows your completion of the LPN program to the Florida Board of Nursing. This serves as verification that you have completed step one.

Step 6

Take and pass the NCLEX. The final step in how to become a license practical nurse in Florida is to take the national certification exam (NCLEX). After successfully passing the test, LPNs can expect their licenses and the opportunity to start working as an LPN with four to eight weeks.

Tips & Warnings