People of all ages dream of working in the MLB (Major League Baseball). For most that dream ends sometime around Little League, when the ball looks like a blur and throwing it more than 50 yards becomes a major chore. However, there is one way almost anyone can become apart of the MLB and that is becoming a MLB scout.

Things You Will Need

People skills, time and a little determination.

Step 1

Sign up for the scout school. Every year in Arizona there is a MLB scout school in Arizona, where people go to become a MLB scouts. Of course this costs money and takes time, but it is a fast track to becoming a MLB scout.

Step 2

Simply put together a resume and send it out to MLB teams. Many MLB teams are always looking for scouts and there is no chance of becoming one unless you apply. Target a few teams at first and see what happens.

Step 3

Take a look and make sure you possess baseball skills. These skills are critical and without it becoming a scout is difficult, becoming a successful scout is impossible.

Step 4

Learn to work with people. Being a scout is all about working with people. Without this skill becoming a MLB baseball scout is nearly impossible. Learn to listen, learn to talk but most important learn to tell the truth, regardless how much it might hurt. Nothing will end a MLB scouting career like leading a player on or presenting a player clearly not capable of playing at the professional level.
Like anything being a MLB requires paying heavy dues, many times this means working for free.

Tips & Warnings

If rich and fame is your aim, stay away from being a MLB scout.