Could You Be Americas Next Top Male Model

Male models don't become household names like Twiggy and Tyra, but they can have an exciMale ModelCredit: socialite.comting and very lucrative career.

When my son got fitted for his prom tuxedo the clerk said "Wow, you could be a male model".   He's a fitness nut and went on to do other things, but I was curious about what physical qualifications it takes to be a man in the modeling industry.

Generally male models are between 5'11" and  6' 2".

The weight can range from 145 to 170 pounds.

If you have your heart set on modeling and you don't quite fit those requirements don't give up. You may have a look that is so unique or strong that advertisers want you.

You need to be in good shape. You don't have to look like a professional body builder but you need a physique that wears clothes well.

Overall fitness counts. Modeling can be physically grueling with long hours on your feet.

What Kind of Model do You Want To Be

There are a lot of options in male modeling.Runway Model(122222)Credit:

Modeling for catalogues doesn't provide the huge income or glamor of working for a top name designer, but it can give you steady and lucrative work.

If you want to model for fitness magazines you'll need to be in great shape. Work on overall muscle development, and don't forget those six pack abs.

If you like to work under pressure, and a lot of it, runway modeling might be a good fit.

Remember, you don't have to be drop dead handsome. So long as your Mom thinks you're cute, you may enjoy a successful career modeling as an "average" guy. It's a popular look with manufacturers because men are more likely to buy from someone they can relate to. Women are more likely to buy from someone who has an image they aspire to.

You can also work as a showroom model, demonstrating a client's merchandise.

The sky is the limit and you may have to find your niche. It could be a particular body part that you feature, or a unique and signature look.

A Must Have Book for New Male Models

Advice from a Pro

I emailed a friend who works as a male model overseas and asked him for some advice.

He says:

1. Treat your career like a business. Take care of your looks and always deliver a good product.

2. Be professional. Arrive on time and always be respectful of the client and the crew you are working with. How you behave during a shoot or a show has a big impact on whether you get more bookings.

3. Be prepared for rejection. You may not have the particular look a client wants. Don't take it personally.

Modeling is a Competitive Business

If you live in a major center, you'll find there are more opportunities for modeling jobs. There is also more competition.male model(122249)Credit: uk

If you live in a smaller community you can check with local retailers and shopping malls to see what type of modeling opportunities they have.

Ultimately, to succeed in the business, you will need an agent.  Your agent will take up to one third of your pay, but it's worth it to get quality jobs.

Getting a good agent can be challenging in itself. You'll need some experience. That's where those low paying shopping mall runway shows can help.

You'll also need a portfolio. In this digital age you can experiment having photos taken to explore your best looks and angles, but when you are approaching an agency you want a portfolio done by a professional photographer.

You don't need a lot of pictures, but you must have at least one full body shot, and a close up of your face.

Chances are you won't simply "be discovered" by accident, so find out if your local agencies have open casting calls. If you get an opportunity to be seen by an agent make sure you are feeling confident and well prepared for your first meeting.

If you are just getting started take advantage of every opportunity to network with people in the fashion and advertising industries. All you need is a chance to get your well groomed foot in the door.

Search for reputable agencies on line and read their information carefully. Don't use an agency that charges you to represent you. Their role is to make money by finding you work.

You can also search for male modeling competitions. Even if you don't win, the contests can be a great way to get noticed.