A New Jersey real estate license allows you to sell and rent real estate in the state of New Jersey. You must pass certain state requirements and meet certain ethical and moral principles. You must be at least 18, be a U.S. Citizen or legal immigrant, hold a GED or diploma, and have no felonies. Working in the field of real estate can be rewarding if you are a good salesperson and actively seek new clients. As of 2010, the most successful New Jersey residential agents are knowledgeable about foreclosures and short sales (which is when you attempt to buy a home from the bank for less than the amount owed).

Step 1

Enroll in a course, either online or in a classroom setting, that meets the NJ state requirements for a sales pre-licensing course (see Resources). Complete 75 hours of learning.

Step 2

Take a pre-licensing course. The course teaches you about real estate definitions, characteristics, ownership, transfers, sales, and restrictions. You also learn how to value property, write contracts, calculate sales and rentals, manage property, and navigate New Jersey real estate laws. At the end of the course, you will have to take a test. There are 100 questions on the test, and you must get 70 of them correct.

Step 3

Schedule a testing date with a testing center near you (see Resources). Sit for the state exam, which contains questions about the subjects you learned in the pre-licensing course. The test is multiple choice on a computer, and you must pass with a 70 or greater.

Step 4

Obtain an active real estate broker's sponsorship for your application. You can do this by speaking with local brokers in your area and finding out if they are open to a sponsorship. Many of them will request an interview with you to discuss your goals and the potential of working for them when you get licensed.

Step 5

Sign up to get your fingerprints completed and a background check (see Resources). The fee is $70.25 and must be paid online.

Step 6

Submit your completed application and testing scores to the New Jersey Real Estate Commission. Pay the application fee of $160. Wait for their approval via mail. They will send you a certificate and wallet card license if you are approved.

Things You'll Need

* Forms of ID
* Proof of education
* Fingerprint form
* Background check


* You cannot have a felony on your record.