How to become a security guard

A new, exciting career

Security guards are a necessary part of society. They perform a vital role in society but are invisible to you in a way until something happens and then they make their presence felt.

Training in how to become a security guard differs from state to state in America, with various states have their own different requirements of the guards that are getting trained there. Some states are more strict than others with the requirements that are asked of security guards.

New York

Security Guards in the big apple are required to be of 18 years of age minimum before they will be able to work. They must be a US citizen, and be of good character measured by an absence of felonies for serious offences. There are on the job and pre-certification training required in New York that needs to be checked by all potential guards in this state.


In the sunshine state, security guards must again, be of 18 years of age and satisfy federal and state felony checks. The training requirement consists of 40 hours over both pre-training and on the job training that can continue to approximately 6 months after commencing employment. 


Security guards in Texas have it different again. They must be employed by a security firm before they are able to get approved by the private security bureau. In seems backwards and I don't really understand how it benefits in providing the best security, which should actually be the focus of the training. 


 In Florida, class D security guards have to follow certain requirements such as being 18 years old, US citizen and passing a combination of pr-employment training and certification. 

Long story short, if you wish to be a security guard, wait until you are at least 18 (which is a good idea anyway) and then contact your local responsible person and ask questions about the training.


Over here in Australia, there is all manner of training for all types of security roles, from bodyguard training, to public event training, courses in hospital security and on and on. There are many certificates people can complete, and different employers with have different minimum requirements for their guards.