Although several colleges and universities in the state of Washington have nursing programs that train students to become a registered nurse, spots in each program are limited. With more students applying than a nursing school can accept, admission requirements and competition among applicants has become tight. You can get ahead of the competition though by learning how to apply to nursing programs in Washington.

Things You Will Need

Prerequisite courses
High GPA

Step 1

Find a program. The Washington State Nurses Association provides a listing of nursing programs in Washington state on their website. This makes it easy for potential students to connect with programs in their area of the state and learn about specific admission requirements for each program.

Step 2

Meet with an advisor. Before you begin applying to nursing programs in Washington, it's important to meet with an academic or nursing advisor for each nursing school you plan to apply to. The advisor can provide you with a specific list of admission requirements as well as give you insight into how students are chosen for their specific nursing school. You may find that the GPA requirement is the most important criteria for one nursing program in Washington while another program uses the score a student received during the interview as the main determinant.

Step 3

Complete prerequisite courses. Nursing school can be intense and grueling since there is a lot of information for students to learn. To ensure students have the knowledge and information required for the program, nursing schools in Washington have prerequisite courses students must complete prior to applying for the program. Most are science classes such as human anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biology and microbiology. However other general education courses that count as pre-reqs include English composition, speech, statistics and psychology.

Step 4

Obtain a minimum grade point average (GPA). The GPA requirement for a nursing program is set by the nursing school, and students must meet it to be admitted. Both Bellevue Community College and Northwest University, which have nursing schools in Washington, have a 3.0 GPA requirement. However Bellevue won't accept any student earning less than a C in a prerequisite or general education course even if they meet the GPA requirement.

Step 5

Fill out an application. As you near the end of your prerequisite courses, you can begin to focus on applying for nursing programs in Washington. Each program has a separate application that must be completed. Generally these consist of basic information about yourself and your academic history, although a few may have short-answer questions about your interest in the nursing profession and the program to which you're applying.

Step 6

Provide requested documents. To prove you met the minimum GPA requirement on prerequisite courses, you need to provide a transcript showing the courses you've taken, your grades and your GPA. Some nursing programs in Washington also require applicants to submit two letters of reference or an essay about the student's desire to join the nursing profession or why they should be selected.

Step 7

Complete an interview. Faculty members and the nursing program coordinator often complete committee or panel interviews with applicants for nursing programs in Washington. This allows a school to meet applicants in person and determine if they are a good fit for a nursing program rather than making the decision based on information on pieces of paper.

Tips & Warnings