In order to be a successful filmmaker you no longer have to rely on the companies that specialize in dealing with and promoting Indie films that they think will be profitable. A filmmaker can choose to sole distribute his own movies and shorts through venues such as YouTube and Netflix. Choosing just to use YouTube can open up a fountain of money if done properly. The YouTube Adsense sharing can be enabled for your YouTube account and then you will get a nice percentage of each ad shown on your YouTube videos. Here are some tips on how to maximize your YouTube earnings with short films.

Follow the Rules

YouTube and Google have stringent requirements regarding what types of videos cannot be monetized. Make sure that you follow these rules simply because you will want to have each of your videos monetized.

Update regularly

Update your videos on a regular basis and you will also tend to see more traffic to your other videos. The more videos you have then the more money you can earn, but it is vital that you are submitting videos people might actually like.

Proper editing


There is no need to thrown up raw footage onto YouTube when you are trying to monetize it. You can use any movie editing software including the free Windows Movie Maker. Proper editing can enhance the viewing pleasure and interest level of your videos.

Good Thumbnail

Unless you are a full YouTube Partner then you will only be able to choose from three different video stills for your videos thumbnail. To ensure you have a good clip keep in mind where YouTube takes these thumbnails from. Take the total length of your video in seconds, divide it by 4 and the first 3 results will be where YouTube will take thumbnails from. Ensure that these locations have a good thumbnail before uploading. If you need to edit the video and maybe even a still JPEG related to your video so that you will always have a good thumbnail

If your video is 2 minutes in length then translate it into seconds, which would be 120. Divide that by 4 and you get 30, 60, and 90.120. YouTube will then take a thumbnail of your video at 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 90 seconds. Ensure that you have a good thumbnail and it will definitely increase the number of page views you get.

Have Fun

Many people like to have fun and see themselves become “YouTube Stars”. You can benefit from your friends which fit this profile by getting them to volunteer for all of your video ideas. If you and your friends are having fun making movies for YouTube, then it will show through in your work. You definitely want to treat this like a job if you are looking to make videos for YouTube for profit, but who says work cannot be fun? You can have a lot of fun and make some serious money with YouTube if you do it properly.