There's been lots of movies lately about the Vampyre. Unfortunately hollywood has got it all wrong. For ages they have been filling us with the wrong way to become a vampyre. Follow the steps below to easily become a vampyre.

Things You Will Need

- A Werewolf
- Books and scrolls on dark magic
- A generally bad personality

Step 1

Be a really bad person to become a Vampyre

It is generally believed that sinners, heretics and other generally evil people are doomed to walk the earth as the undead, a Vampyre. Preying on those who may yet be saved for all eternity. People who commit crimes against humanity are prime candidates to become a Vampyre. The Church believes that a person who dies without repenting and receiving last rites is also a good candidate to become an undead Vampyre.

Step 2

Practice black magic to become a Vampyre

Spend lots of time summoning evil spirits and practicing dark sorcery. To become a Vampyre this way you'll need to practice your evil witchery night and day and get really good at it.  It is believed that those who delve into the black arts are vulnerable to becoming a Vampyre upon death.

Step 3

Fight with a Werewolf (and lose) to become a Vampyre

It is also believed that being killed by a Werewolf dooms the victim to walking the earth as a Vampyre. There is a strong connection between Werewolves and Vampyrism. A Werewolf that dies often returns as a Vampyre. So, in a roundabout way, becoming a Werewolf first, then dying is another way to become a Vampyre.

These are three relatively easy ways to become a Vampyre. Practice dark sorcery, be a really bad person, or just pick a fight with a Werewolf. Pick one or two and try it, it's pretty easy to become a Vampyre if you know how. You'll find many more links on this page to help you in your quest to become a Vampyre.

Tips & Warnings

- If you can't get the Werewolf to attack you try poking it with a stick, they hate that
- Summon the most evil spirits you can to increase your chances of becoming a Vampyre
- Make sure you leave instructions to NOT be cremated if you die before becoming a Vampyre.