Ventriloquism also known as the art of throwing ones voice is a skill where an individual makes it appear that their voice is coming from somewhere else. The voice could be make to look like it is coming from any object such as a tree or box, but most commonly a ventriloquist will use a dummy. The illusion of the voice coming from somewhere else is created by the ventriloquist barely moving his voice when he speaks, altering the sound of his voice and creating an illusion with acting skills.

Here is how to become a ventriloquist.

Things You Will Need

Ventriloquist Puppet

Step 1

Observe ventriloquists to get a feel for how they create the impression they are not speaking but someone else is. Ventriloquists perform on TV, in theaters etc. Check out for a number of ventriloquists such as Jay Johnson on the Letterman show with his monkey.

Step 2

To become a ventriloquist you will need to practice speaking without moving your lips. Certain letters are difficult to say without moving your mouth such as b and m. Practice different techniques to learn to say them so they sound natural.

Step 3

When you are comfortable speaking words, try to give the sound of the words a personality of their own so they sound different than your natural speaking voice.

Step 4

Purchase a ventriloquist dummy from a toy store or make one using a sock puppet.

Step 5

Work with the puppet so it appears to respond to you. Creating an illusion is important to become a ventriloquist. Array

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