Do you want to become a voice actor (voice-over artist)? Getting paid for doing voice-overs for television shows, animated movies, narrated documentaries, radio, and TV Commercials is the dream of many people. If you have a unique voice and have interest in acting this may be the right career for you. But in order to succeed in this hard market there are some thing you will have to do.

Practice Acting

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Even trough voice actors never physically appear on the screen, they need to have basic knowledge in acting. It is more difficult than normal acting because you need to have the ability to express all emotion only with your voice.

It is highly recommended to take acting classes or joining the theater program if you are still going to school. Also you should take vocal lessons, taking lessons will expand your vocal range and get you a better control over the sound of your voice. To practice you can imitate voices of famous actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christopher Walken and Don LaFontaine, this will help you to build flexibility but also practice reading books and articles out loud and make sure to always record your own voice. It is really important to practice on a daily basis.

Create your Demo

In order to become a successful voice actor you have to create a demo. The demo will show your talent when you will be looking for work. Keep in mind that the people who will hire you mainly focus on the quality of your demo, so it is important to make a high quality demo that represents your talent.
Since most people pay attention only for the first minute, make sure that you put the best material into that one minute time frame. Your demo can include imitations of characters and already existing scripts.

Find a talent agent

Like all other actors you will have to be represented by a talent agent. It is hard to find a good talent agent and this is the part where most voice actors struggle by finding themselves stuck. Also decide whether you want to work in movies, radio, or television to find an agent that is specialized in the market you want to work in.

To get the attention of a talent agency you must send your demo to as much talent agents in your area as you can. Do some research about them and make sure you would feel comfortable with them as your agent.

Choose the Right Location

If you are serious about becoming a voice actor the best for you would be to move to a city with a large voice acting industry. The best location are Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

Hopefully this article will help you to archive your goal of becoming a voice actor. Feel free to share and leave a comment.

How to Become a Voice-Over ArtistCredit: Wikipedia