Learn how to become a wedding planner.

In recent years, it has become fashionable for couples to hire a professional to organize all of the details for their wedding. These professionals are known as wedding planners, bridal consultants or wedding consultants. The increasing popularity of wedding planners has paved the way for creative entrepreneurs who possess good organizational skills.

Anyone who enjoys planning parties or other events can learn how to become a wedding planner. Some of the duties performed by today's wedding planner include choosing colours and flowers, selecting music and booking entertainment, consulting with caterers and helping to design invitations, programs and other documents.

Twenty years ago, wedding planners were hired mainly as coordinators. They primarily handled the paperwork and organization of the wedding, overseeing the booking of professionals such as florists, caterers, photographers and musicians. Over the years, wedding coordination has evolved to include the wedding planner in nearly every area of the wedding. Today's wedding planner is a multi-talented individual with a vast knowledge of the bridal industry.

This is not as daunting as it may sound, for if you truly have a love of weddings and the desire to become involved in planning them as a business, you can learn how to become a wedding planner by following these simple steps:

Things You Will Need

Planning Skills

Step 1

Although particular educational courses are required to learn how to become a wedding planner, it's best to learn as much as possible about any career that you choose. You may have seen wedding planner courses and e-books advertised online. While these courses may offer some useful tips, they are not necessary.

Most clients are not concerned about the level of 'education' that a wedding planner has; your performance will speak for itself, and references from satisfied clients are your best credentials. The majority of a wedding planner's business is through word of mouth, so if you do a good job for your clients they will recommend you to their friends.

Step 2

Starting a wedding planning business is like starting any other business. Do a lot of research into the wedding industry and learn as much as you can about it. You will be expected to be knowledgeable in all facets of the wedding experience, so helping out with as many weddings as possible for your family and friends can give you valuable experience before you begin planning weddings for money.

Step 3

List your strengths. What skills and talents do you possess that would make you a good wedding planner? Many wedding planners have useful skills acquired in other businesses, such as fashion, floral arranging, interior decorating, catering or photography. Decide what types of services you are able to offer, and if you are going to specialize in one particular area. Wedding planners often tailor their businesses to emphasize their strengths.

Step 4

If you lack experience in some areas, have no fear because you will learn. Each wedding that you are involved in will teach you more about how to become a wedding planner, until you are truly a wedding expert. A successful wedding planner is a creative and energetic person with outstanding communication and organizational skills, who is also an expert on wedding etiquette and traditions. Connections are one of a wedding planner's most valuable assets. A professional wedding planner will have an extensive list of qualified professionals to call upon for specialized tasks.

Now that you know how to become a wedding planner, you will become an integral part of any wedding that you participate in as you help to minimize the bride's stress so that she can enjoy her special day.

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