Become an Antique Picker

Do you want to learn how to become an antique picker?  You have probably seen television shows such as American Pickers or Storage Wars.  These shows are capitalizing on the popularity of antiques.  In our modern world things are made so cheaply that many people are becoming interested in old antique items which is generating more demand for these antiques.  Another reason they are becoming popular is because of the economic downturn around the world.  People need extra cash so they are selling things they own to pay off debts and to put food on their table.

Pickers look for bargains and deals so they can resell these antique items for a reasonable profit.  Some places they look for them include old storage lockers, antique stores, their own neighborhoods, and through the Internet.  Pickers try to find items that people just want to get rid of quickly so they can make a good profit from the item.  A picker might have their own antique store where they sell items for a higher price than what they paid in the first place for them.  A good picker must also know the current antique market.

A Pickers First Steps: Study Antiques

To become a picker you need to study antique trends and demand of buyers to see what the current market is looking for.  This will make it easier to find items you can sell for a profit to those who are looking for them.  You should read as many antique books as possible to learn about this trade.  Consider going to antique shows to see what is selling and to speak to antique dealers to get their knowledge on what the current antique market is demanding.  The price and demand for items fluctuates so as a picker you need to know as much as possible about antiques before you go into this profession.  You will probably need a significant amount of cash to spend on antiques before you even begin to buy and sell picked items.

Where to Find Antiques

There are many places to find great antiques and as a new picker you have several options.  You could start at garage sales where most people are just trying to get rid of things they own for low prices without knowing that they have antiques in their possession.  If as a picker you know what to look for at garage sales you could make your first dollars at these events.  Other places to look include a swap meet, flea market, or similar event.  You can spend your time looking for items that you can resell for profit.  You could start by putting your first picked items on Ebay or similar online site.  Once you start to generate income you can branch out and check other places such as those around your own neighborhood or other parts of the country.  You could take out advertisements in local newspapers or put up flyers on local bulletin boards advertising your interest in antiques.  You can then visit these places and try to make deals on the items you are interested in.  Just remember that you might not make money on every antique and you could lose cash so you need to be careful about what you buy and the price you pay for items you pick.  Try to have a maximum price in mind when you spot something that you might want to buy.

Your New Career as a Picker

Once you have been picking for some time you'll get better at it and have better judgment in regards to the antiques that will bring you profit for the least amount of expenditure on your part.  Be sure to keep studying the market trends in regards to antiques and you'll be able to put more money in your pocket.  This profession isn't for everyone in it can be a lot of ups an downs.  You can learn how to become an antique picker by studying all you can about antiques and the market.