The United States Army has developed JROTC programs to instill in young people some of the values the army teaches such as strength, discipline and leadership. Current and former officers of the Army are needed to teach and instruct the individuals in these programs at high schools across the United States. To be considered for an Army JROTC instructor position there are requirements you must meet.

Things You Will Need

Military Service
Associate's or Bachelor's Degree
Clean bill of health
Photo of you in Class A uniform
Copy of current military orders

Step 1

Be a member of the Army. You must be an officer or a non-commissioned officer to serve as an instructor, and you must have an excellent record indicating good military performance. In addition you must be on active duty within one year of retirement or have already retired within the last three years in the Army grades of E-6 through E-9, WO-1 through WO-5 and O-3 through O-6.

Step 2

Have a degree. Officers in the Army must have a bachelor's degree or higher to fill the role of Army JROTC instructor. Non-commissioned officers can have an associate's degree, but individuals with only a high school diploma or some college credits won't be considered for the job.

Step 3

Meet the weight standards set by the Army. Even though they are called weight standards, the Army doesn't actually use weight measurements. Instead they base their standards on age, gender and body fat percentages. Males applying for Army JROTC positions can't have higher than a 28 percent body fat if they are under the age of 40 while males over 40 must have 30 percent or below. Females can have a higher percentage with the under 40 maximum being 34 percent and the over 40 maximum being 36 percent.

Step 4

Pass a background check. To become an instructor for high school Army ROTC, you must successfully pass an extensive background check. The Army uses the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to conduct a record and fingerprint check. In addition your military records and defense security service records are reviewed. Finally, your name and information is checked with the central registry of spousal and child abuse.

Step 5

Undergo a medical exam. These exams are required for all potential instructors to ensure that you are healthy enough to perform the job requirements of serving as an ROTC instructor in high school. Every three years after being hired you must go in for an additional exam and receive a clean bill of health in order to remain in your instructor position.

Step 6

Complete an application to become an Army JROTC instructor. You don't have to know of a job opening as an instructor for JROTC in order to submit an application. Anytime throughout the year you can complete a paper application or submit your application online. The sooner you submit this, the sooner you can be considered for any open positions or positions that may open unexpectedly.

Step 7

Submit supporting documents required by the Army. In addition to the application there are additional documents needed before your application can be processed. These include your medical evaluation, your current orders as they apply to active duty or retirement and a photo of yourself in your Class A uniform. This photo must have been taken within the last five years.

Step 8

Pass the initial qualification training. This training is completed online and can be done once you've submitted your application for an instructor position. Once you complete this training, you'll receive a certification document. Make a copy of this document and send it to the Army Instructor Management Division, which is responsible for overseeing the instructor hiring process for JROTC. This will be the same department within the Army where you mailed your application or supporting documents.

Step 9

Interview with the Army. Your final step in becoming certified by the Army to become an instructor is to undergo an interview with a USACC certified interviewer. They have the ultimate authority to approve or deny you the ability to apply for Army JROTC positions. When interviewing you want to bring with you a copy of your certification from initial qualification training as well as your record brief from your military career. In addition make sure that you wear your Class A uniform with all your awards and honors to the interview.

Step 10

Apply for instructor vacancies at Army JROTC programs. Once you are approved by the Army you have access to the job listings under the U.S. Army JROTC website. Any school needing an instructor posts the job on this website making it convenient for you to determine what's available in your area or other parts of the U.S. When you find a position that interests you complete the application process required to be considered for the job.

Step 11

Interview with a high school. Both the Army and the high school must approve you in order to be an instructor for Army JROTC. Most high school interviews are conducted with school administration such as the principal, counselor and head teachers. Again you should dress in your Class A military uniform and bring the initial training certification and your military record brief with you. If the high school likes you, they will be in contact with the Army Instructor Management Division and proceed through the process for hiring you.

Step 12

Complete instructor training courses. During your first two years as an instructor for a high school Army JROTC program, you must complete two instructor training courses. The first is the JROTC School of Cadet Command Instructor Training, and it is held at Fort Monroe in Virginia during the summer. The other is a distance learning course conducted online making it possible for you to complete at your own pace during the school year. Failure to complete these courses in the first two years will result in your dismissal from serving as a JROTC instructor.

Step 13

Maintain good standing as an instructor. It is possible to lose your certification as an Army JROTC instructor. While you can remain on as the instructor with the school, the Army no longer provides to the school monetary compensation or support for the program. Since many of the programs at high schools can't survive without this funding, you may also be terminated from the position by them. Reasons why you would lose your instructor certification include poor performance, inability to meet weight requirements or pass a medical exam, participation in illegal activities, or failure to meet student enrollment requirements for the program.


Tips & Warnings

You must be a citizen of the United States to be considered as an instructor for an Army JROTC position.