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There are an infinite amount of ways to make art. You've got music, painting, drawing, digital art, film, theater, poetry, woodworking, and ice-sculpting to name a few. The more options, the easier it is to do, right?

YES.....and no.

Yes because the more options there are, the more likely that your passions and skills will fall into one of them. If your talented with music, being a musician is all about making art (unless your Britney Spears). If you can paint, draw, or sketch you are an on your way to becoming an artist.


Some people will jump up right now and say that as long as your creating (whether that be a drawing or a poem) you are making art. I would disagree in the most polite way possible and ask that you hear me out. Art is not easy to do because it is so much more than putting pen to paper. The whole subject of art has a foundation that undergirds every masterpiece out there. So what do I mean by foundation?


For art to be art, it must permeate with story. Story is what holds art up as it's foundation. You can write a song, but if it's just talking about drugs, girls, and being shot at, it's not considered art, unless there's story in it. Why do you think Eminem is so good at what he does? He's constantly telling stories within his music. If you paint a picture without proper storytelling, it'd be better for the world (and yourself) to have never wasted the time. Go finger paint or something. BUT...if you want to create masterpieces, then ask yourself some questions before beginning that new project:

  • What am I trying to portray in this piece?
  • What are the dynamics?
  • Why kind of mood do I need to illustrate?
  • What do I want people to take away from this?
  • What emotion am I trying to convey?
  • What emotion am I trying to move people toward?
  • Can you understand the story as an outsider looking in?
  • In other words, what's the story?

If you're serious and you honestly want to know how to become an artist, you've got to answer these questions for yourself. These are not questions that inhibit your freedom in producing your art. This sort of thinking will allow you to be free to create art. And then, only then, will you become an artist.