Total body detoxification is a very important step to becoming healthier, more energized, and even more productive. Some people believe that a total body detox is the ticket to becoming a better person; there is one thing for sure, however, and that's that there are a few main points to remember.

Coupled with a routine exercise regime, a total body detox can prove to be a weight loss ticket that not many people realize. A complete body detoxification process can last anywhere from seven to ten days and all detox regimes have the same basic principles: natural juices, raw food diet, natural sources of fiber, and lots of water.

Raw fruits and vegetables have living enzymes within them that, when juiced, help to aid in the process of cleansing your body. Fruit and vegetable juice is an important part of cleansing your colon, the very beginning to a total body detoxification process.

Along with juices, Vitamin C is an important part to maintaining your immune system as well as having the ability to drive toxins from your body. Vitamin C can be found in many juices so this can be in conjunction with your juicing process.

Fiber is an important part to a total body detox system. Foods rich in fiber such as brown rice, cabbage, broccoli and many more can help to cleanse your body daily of toxins that would otherwise inhibit your health.

Drinking at least two to six glasses of water each day can also help flush out your system of unwanted toxins. Be aware, however, that too much water can be bad for you.

Speaking of water, hydrotherapy is another important part to detoxifying your body. You should practice a routine of hydrotherapy at least three times a week. This is best done by taking a hot shower and letting the water run down your spine and backbone for at least four to five minutes.

Follow this process with cold water for at least a half hour, and then lay down in bed for another half hour.

Practicing good breathing habits is also a means of cleansing your body. Breathing deeply is a way to calm your body while ensuring that the proper amount of oxygen reaches all throughout your body. Coupled with herbs like milk thistle and green tea you can protect your liver from toxins.

There are all sorts of means of detoxifying your body that can include foot spas, patches, and supplements, but the best way is to exercise. Just an hour of exercise a day can help you to become healthier in more than just one way.

Detoxifying your body is important to your health and becoming familiar with all the methods available can help you customize a plan.

Whether you choose to sweat it out, cleanse toxins, or use other natural means to cleanse your body the proof is in the pudding: detoxification leads to a healthier life. Practicing all of these methods will ensure your health, help with aging, and just plain make you feel better and more energized.