Candy Shop
Credit: JON_CF

Candy shops exist all throughout the nation. For example, Old Sacramento has several candy shops. People strolling along the wooden planks can wander into these stores and search through the barrels at their own leisure. My friend and I walked into such a crowded candy shop the other day and found various sorts of customers. These people varied significantly in their attitudes toward the employees and the candy selection. Our study has revealed the following results. 

The Eager Beavers

Credit: Alejandro Hernandez

My friend and I, along with several patrons inside, had received tickets from the loud, pushy 20-year-old outside for two free samples of the wide and varied candy selection across the street. Grasping their tickets in such a way for everyone to see, the eager beaver customers picked and prodded through the barrels to find the perfect candy to fit their current mood and build upon their list of favorites. Once they had landed upon what they hoped to be the perfect candy, they quickly unwrapped the candy, sniffed the candy deeply, and then took the first tiny bite. Depending on the size of the person’s mouth, the candy lasted for two or five more tiny bites.

The Glum Gluttons

Credit: Stewart Black

Some people had entered the store unwillingly, or at least, they acted as if they had entered unwillingly. These people frowned at the shop employees, made rude remarks about the strange smells in the shop to the owner, and disdainfully sneered at all the barrels and containers that were filled to their brims. Once the owner and employees gave up on cheering these people and turned their backs on them, then the devouring began. These glum gluttonous customers first tried one candy, then two of the next flavor. Moving to a different section, they tried several different flavors. By the end of their stay in the shop, they had devoured 30 or more candies. To add insult to injury, they left the candy shop without spending a single dollar.

The Sugar Fakers

Sugar Free
Credit: SarahTz

I noticed two couples strolling through the aisles, oohing and awing at the colorful sweets, but refraining from picking up any candy to fill their baskets. That is, they withheld until they reached the sugar-free section. Seeing the sugar-free turtles and sugar-free taffy brought smiles to their faces. The owner grinned to see the sugar faker customers filling their shopping baskets with the diabetic-friendly treats, offering them free samples from the small, but good, selection. Satisfied with their selections, the customers left the shop with smiles and intentions to savor their health-conscious candy.

The Mischievous Misfits

Mischievous Tiff
Credit: Tom Bridge

Unlike the glum gluttons, some of the patrons entered the candy shop merely to snoop around. They casually walked into the shop, smiled at the welcoming employees, tried a sample or two, and headed toward the stairs. After all, if the bottom story contained so many goodies, then the second floor would surely be nirvana. Unfortunately for the mischievous misfits, surveillance cameras and a burly employee guarded the polished wood stairwell and prevented the mischievous customers from going any further in their charade. These patrons left disappointed, with one or two grabbing an extra chocolate so as to make their efforts worthwhile.

What We Did

Happy Customers
Credit: Walmart

My friend and I, while enjoying watching the other customers, only tried two samples each. We smiled at the employees, shared pleasantries, and complimented the owner on the well-kept shop. The aroma delighted us, and the bright colors encouraged us to try various styles and flavors. Purchasing a little toffee, butterscotch, and one medium-sized fudge, we smiled on our way out the door and back onto the busy streets. I assume we acted well, for the owner bid us farewell and told us to come back soon. And we most certainly will be, both for the candy and the wide variety of patrons.