It can be more than just embarrassing, annoying and uncomfortable when your dentures do not fit comfortably in your mouth. In fact, it can be dangerous; as it will often lead to sores and infection if poorly fitted dentures are ignored. While there are several options to alter the situation, some of them being to pad dentures, to grin and bear it, or to go for several fittings to try and adjust them to where you can manage to wear them without pain the best option may well be buying a new set of dentures

Purchasing a set of brand new dentures is often the best route to take, as it ensures a new start, a great fit, a thorough dental checkup and the best guarantee that your mouth will be both comfortable and healthy. However, that is not always an easy option for some people due to the cost of new dentures and the lack of Insurance for covering those costs.

Still, loose dentures are a health concern that should have the prompt attention of a medical specialist. If the problem goes beyond what can be fixed by using a good denture adhesive, you will want to contact a dentist, but if it is a minor issue, and one that can be treated adequately by using the right adhesive, you are in luck.

Denture adhesive, as the name suggests, is the glue that is used by denture wearers to hold their artificial teeth in place in their mouths. These adhesives come in many different forms and you need to determine what works best for you by taking the suggestions of denture wearing friends, your dentist, and what feels best to you. What does the best job holding your teeth in place without irritation to the gums, tongue or cheeks? It is different for different people and a personal choice.

Of course you will want to use the best denture adhesive that you can find, but choosing one that suits you is a personal thing. Not everyone gets the same results from the adhesive, so try out a few types before settling on the one that works best for you. Creams, pastes and other over the counter dental glues are reasonably priced and readily available so do not be afraid to try each of them out and choose the one you like most.

Find an affordable denture adhesive that provides you with a comfortable, long lasting fit. Denture adhesive systems offer you all day denture hold. You will find that the right one for you is the one that will make sure your teeth stick to your mouth even after eating meals that involve foods that are difficult to chew, such as meat and caramel desserts.

An added benefit to a great adhesive is that it can help you kiss your bad breath goodbye. Some denture glues have a distinctive minty flavor that lasts as long as the paste holds. If you do not like to mix the flavor of mint with your food, you can also opt for the unflavored brands. There are many forms of denture paste to choose from - cream, powder and a wafer form. The best seller of these three is denture cream. The low cost, fit, strength, and taste are some major reasons why this is so popular.

Powder form is easy to remove and is very convenient to use. In some instances, though, when you need to drink a lot of liquids or are sipping at hot liquids, it may not be able to hold your denture in place for long. The powder is efficient for eating toast, jellies, pasta, and other things that are not particularly hard to chew.

Read a review of denture adhesives before determining what product to buy if you still have doubts. Sometimes a particular review will have the answer as another denture wearer may have similar issues to your own and have already found the answer.

At the end of the day, you use a dry towel or soft cloth to rub your gums. Soak your dentures in water overnight and with the help of a denture brush, clean out the residue that is left on your prosthesis. Apply a fresh set of denture adhesive the next morning and you can start your day with a fresh and confident smile.