1. Bitly.com

Bitly links are useful for a couple of reasons.  They are versatile links that are short enough to be shared on Twitter and powerful enough to help manage Facebook traffic much more effectively than Facebook stats.  These links can be customized, and thus be much shorter and better targeted.  Quite simply, the shorter a link is, the less likely customers are to make a mistake.  Also, shorter links are more appealing to look at, nobody is going to want to type in a 300 character link, but a short link that is just Bitly.com/yourbusiness is much more enticing.  Bitly will help you see trends in what people like and don't like with data, which is helpful to targeting because few customers will ever tell you exactly what was good and bad.  

Bitly Tutorial

2. Posting Schedule

I do not think I can recommend Hootsuite enough.  By scheduling your social media posts ahead of time, every individual site and post becomes significantly more manageable. Hootsuite is entirely free for up to five accounts!  It is useful for scheduling ahead of time and making an editorial calendar.  It also makes keeping track of your media easier, as it has a great dashboard to show you several (or all) of your accounts and their activity at a glance.  It supports social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Goggle+, Foursquare, MySpace, and Wordpress. Apps are availabe to use it for other sites like Instagram and Reddit as well!

Hootsuite Introduction

3. Online Feedback Tracking

Google Alerts can be incredibly useful for upkeep of an online presence.  You can enter your name or the name of your business in the search query, pick what types of results you are interested in, how often you want to be informed of them, how many sorted results you want to see, and where it should be sent to.  So as you can see, this is a helpful way to be automatically informed of everything on the internet about you or your business daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever time frame makes sense for you.  This is much easier than hunting the internet randomly, because it only takes a few seconds to see what type of feedback you have, if any.  

Google Alerts Tutorial

Hopefully these three tips will help you to manage and even somewhat automate the control of social media presence.  They can each be helpful both for business and personal presences, but are designed more for business really.  If you have any other suggestions of useful tools or disagree with my choices, please comment below!