If you have any hair color darker than light brown; bleaching hair, or bleaching it to prepare for color, can be tricky. When changing so drastically, it is easy to ruin the hair folicle, or create uneven and/or mucky color.

Things You Will Need

Manic Panic Lighting Bleach Kit

Rubber Gloves

Clips to hold hair apart

Old Shirt

Well Ventilated Area

Old Comb

Step 1

You first need to section off what is being dyed. This can range from stripes, to the bottom or top half of your scalp, or even the whole head.
Keep your normal hair and the hair being bleached completely and neatly separated. Such a prominent color difference will make mistakes EXTREMELY noticeable.

If you are dying the whole scalp, section the hair into quarters.

Step 2

Now you can mix your bleaching solution, do not wait to long, as the solution dries out easily. You will have to keep adding liquid solution regularly to keep it moist enough to spread on the hair

Step 3

Take the sections of your hair and start at the scalp, using the brush apply a generous amount of bleaching mixture to the hair, working down the strands. Massage the hair gently between fingers so that the hairs are covered all around.
Be careful around the roots, don't get mixture on the surrounding hair if you don't want it colored!!

Make sure that the bleached portion is WELL saturated with the bleach mixture. Try not to let the mixture dry into clumps when applying.

Step 4

Leave this mixture on until you reach the lightness you prefer. There is a time limit on the box, but as long as you aren't leaving it on for more then 1 and a half hours, you should be fine (with no previous damage!!) If your hair is already dyed, or permed, or relaxed... be extremely careful with the time limit!! My sister had un-colored, almost black, brown hair. I had to leave the mixture on for a little over an hour to get the full color development.

Step 5

Since bleaching is a harmful process to the hair, you need to take extra care of it after coloring. After washing the bleach out completely, add a hot oil treatment to the damp hair. Towel dry the hair as much as possible so that the oils is absorbed as much as possible. I recommend using Treseme'. When washing the oil out, rinse very thoroughly... VERY thoroughly, so that you don't have residue build up. Try to avoid washing with shampoo though.

Dry and style your hair as normal, I would avoid adding too much product, because you will not want to wash your hair for a day or two, and lighter hair shows grease a lot more!! Keep using a well-hydrating conditioner, or a conditioning mask at least once a week!!

Tips & Warnings