Facebook is a social networking no.1 in Indonesia which have users more than 175 million worldwide, and the 3rd most common site which opened by Internet users in Indonesia. The problem is lack of privacy due to social networks in our activities. for example you want to restrict certain things just for a few among the people. Or you troubled by someone who continues to haunt your facebook such as ex-girlfriend, secret admire, and spammers who always monitor your facebook and do not want to lose a bit of information that happens to you on facebook.

Facebook is fantastic in providing vary facility and features to us, including privacy issues. If you the people who have problems such as the above problems, please follow the way that I try to explain now.

Here's a story related to this issue.
My friend is a beautiful woman and nice to a friend or someone. Don't know why, people often add her facebook even by people who do not clear their origin. From the taxi drivers to CEO's of a big companies are interested in becoming her friend. Naturally, he was disturbed by this problem, because before this he had to approve their requst that she is not known and then her facebook's profile filled with vague phrases like seduction love rags.

Because of this, she had almost wanted to close her account on facebook, but she's lucky cause of her members tells how to block certain people to restrict them in many ways.

1. Select Settings> Privacy Settings or click here

2. There is a box at the bottom and please enter name of person who will be blocked (to they've become friends / no friends)

3. Select the person in question and click the Block button

After doing this, the people who blocked will never find her anymore in facebook unless she changed / create a new facebook account. Relax this applies to certain people who we choose to block, so if someone of the same name they will not also come blocked.