With nearly 350,000,000 people currently using Facebook worldwide, along with staggering growth of over 70,000+ new members joining this booming social network every week (yes...I said "week"), it's no surprise that sometimes people can get a little crazy especially in the online world. Whether you have personally added someone in particular as a friend, and are now being harrassed by them, or you would like to keep someone from seeing your Facebook profile all together, fortunately, it really isn't very difficult at all learning how to block people on Facebook. 

Although some people may think that websites, like Facebook, are inherently unsafe, fortunately, great strides have been made to expand Facebook's security features and privacy settings, in recent months. With such an expanding global base of dedicated and passionate users, Facebook management has clearly had the forsight to anticipate that, where tons of high school kids to college and elderly people now hang out, there is bound to be a fair share of blatant, unsolicited, harrassment. 

As a much-needed part of Facebook privacy and security policies, now, it is much easier than ever to block your stalker ex-boyfriend (or girlfriend).

Things You Will Need

a Computer
a Facebook Account

Step 1

Before you can engage in any kind of interaction or functionality on Facebook, you will have to first login to the website. You can't login unless you actually have an account, so you will have to visit their home page and make a user account. This process is actually very quite simple, and no real critically personal information is required. In fact, with regards to the construction of your own profile, you can be as detailed, or as vague, as you'd like when it comes to the personal information that you'd like to keep closely guarded. At no time, when creating your Facebook account, will you be asked to provide your social security number, or pin # that you'd use at an ATM/MAC Machine.

Step 2

Once you have a Facebook account established, you will have to begin by using their search function to find, and friend request, people who are in your immediate circle of experience. At this time, dependent on your past history with someone, you may deem it necessary to immediately "block" that person. This makes sense, especially if we are talking about a crazy ex-girlfriend or boyfriend that you want to have absolutely no visibility of any of your profile information, or profile picture(s). By immediately "blocking" someone you will inherently make your Facebook profile appear like it doesn't exist. Your name and profile, at least to THAT person, will be absolutely unsearchable, which definitely will increase your sense of security and enhance and promote your willingness to add friends, join Facebook groups and pages, and generally interact with the platform.

Step 3

Whether you have chosen to immediately block someone, or block someone AFTER they have been your Facebook friend for a while, you can rest easy knowing that you have a "My Privacy" page that is easily accessible to you whenever need be. Unfortunately, your "Privacy Settings" page is a bit tricky to find, and, rest assured, since the publishing of this article, Facebook will probably undergo another one or two changes or modifications of it's site layout, feel, and functionality.
When you scroll down to the very bottom of the current Facebook profile layout, you will find a direct link entitled "Privacy". Upon clicking it, you will find a long document of legalese, however, in the second paragraph, you will find a direct link entitled "Your Privacy Settings". You may be able to find this elsewhere on the Facebook website, however, this seems to be the only place where I can find it.

Step 4

Once you have accessed your "Privacy Settings" for your Facebook profile, you will then encounter a list of 5 different links. In order to officially block someone, on Facebook, you will have to click-through the link entitled "Block List".

Step 5

Once you have clicked through to your "Block List", in your Facebook "Privacy Settings", you can now proceed to ADD people to your "Block List" by either searching them with one of two available methods or options. You can either search for people by their name, or by their email address. Their may be certain occasions where you might not actually know one or the other. If the person is constantly harrassing you, and you have visibility of their account, you should be able to see their name in which to inject into the query for Facebook users that you could possibly block.

Step 6

Upon injecting someone's name into this query, depending on the popularity of the name, you may find as little as one result to thousands of results. Last names like "Smith" will probably make quite a few options for users available. Do what you can to be as specific as possible so as to expedite the searching process. Once you find the person you would like to block on Facebook, you can now choose to add them to your "block list".

Step 7

Now that you have successfully blocked a person on Facebook, they will no longer be able to see your profile, and your profile will no longer come up in search queries. Bear in mind, this will only be the case so long as you keep that person blocked. If you ever remove the block, they will be able to find you quite easily.

With such a global worldwide base of users, it's no surprise that alot of people would be quite weary of using an awesome service like Facebook. Unfortunately, they may see it as a very insecure place, at least until they learn how to manipulate their own security and privacy settings. If you don't want someone to find you, you do have the means and functionality at your very finger tips to keep that from occurring.

Tips & Warnings

You should be very cautious when adding friends, in general. Fortunately, Facebook isn't quite as rampant as other platforms with the degree of friend requests sent, however, you should proceed with caution whenever contemplating to accept a friend request of someone that you have never met in real life. You now have the tools to make sure that your Facebook user experience is as painless as possible. If you don't want to be harrassed, you no longer have to be. This is a great functionality, of Facebook, that many people cherish, and, justifiably so.

My personal Facebook Experience has been generally good, and I think yours can be, as well, if you just learn how to use the simple tools available to you. One thing is for sure: Facebook, more than likely, won't be going away any time soon, so, it is definitely in our best interest to learn how the website platform works, and how we can be use it to our advantage to safeguard our own privacy. 
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