If you own a computer you can blog for money. Many people enjoy sharing their knowledge with others, and blogging helps you do that, and earn money. This is not a way to make a fast fortune, but is a way to eventually make a respectable amount of money.

Things You Will Need

You will need your computer, a topic that you really enjoy talking about, and an adsense account.
If you are not sure what your topic should be consider your hobbies, career and other things you enjoy. The things you enjoy talking about most may be the best topic.

Step 1

Get an email address if you don't have one. Most people have at least one, but you might want to have a separate email that is only for your blog communications.

Step 2

Get a free blog. There are many available that are easy to use. Check several sites before you decide. I picked blogspot.com because it works with adsense and is easy to use.

Step 3

Apply for an Adsense account. This is easy to do, and in a short time you will have advertisements posted to you blog by adsense. The advertisements are related to your topic. If you are writing about farms you may see ads about farm supplies.

Step 4

Begin writing posts to your blog while you are waiting to be approved for ads. Try to post something of interest at least twice each week. Adding your own photos to the blog may give your articles and site more appeal.

Step 5

Inform friends about your blog. If they find it of interest you can add them to an automatic mailing list, and they will receive a copy of each post as it is completed.

Step 6

Link your blog to every site where you have articles. This may bring traffic to your blog and to your articles. People will read your ads and possibly use the services of the advertisers. This keeps the advertisers in business helps your earn money.

Blogging can be fun and profitable. If you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, why not earn some money while doing so?

Tips & Warnings

Remember that your ads will relate to your articles. Be sure to write posts that stay on topic.