Yes, there is such an entity as a cheap Caribbean cruise.

You have heard that a cheap Caribbean cruise does, in fact, exist, and now you just need to find yours. Because you love your lady beyond all reason, you want to whisk her off on a dazzling tropical vacation. But, like many others, you are suffering in this stagnant economy. Perhaps, you are even working two jobs … maybe even going back to school, too. Whatever your situation, you want to treat your soulmate to an unforgettable vacation. Well then, you need to find your perfect budget friendly Caribbean cruise vacation.

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A cheap Caribbean cruise DOES NOT lack luxury.

As a rule, regardless of the global destination, cruising vacations are luxurious vacations. Therefore, when you find and book a reduced cost cruise, you will enjoy the same cruising benefits as those passengers who paid a higher fare. Gone are the days of third class steerage, à la the Titanic.

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What is a cheap Caribbean cruise?

Several factors make low-cost Caribbean cruising possible.

For starters, cruising companies can run ships year around in this tropical paradise. In fact, major lines such as Carnival, Holland America, Princess, etc., have ships that are dedicated, exclusively, to serving this locality. Simple law of supply and demand – more available cruising time (supply) equals better deals for their passengers.

Because of the balmy weather, which has fueled the popularity of this travel venue, more individual cruising companies serve this tropical region than any other destination in the world. With more competition – meaning more ships sailing – there is ample opportunity for you to find your best discounted cruise rates.

Also, you are able to select from an array of different types of itineraries, from three nights up to as many as twenty nights. While you can locate a dream reduced Caribbean sailing for twenty nights, obviously, the more nights you select, the higher your fare.

However, if you are new to cruising, a sailing for three or four nights is an excellent and cost effective way to sample this fun form of travel.

Another factor is the close proximity of this tropical destination to the US. For many Americans, this closeness enables them to realize their dream of taking a cruise. And for those who are close enough and willing to drive to an embarkation port, they don’t have to deal with the added cost and hassle of air travel.

One final note: for those whose quest is a vacation in this tropical playground, they will find that, on average, a Caribbean cruise that is on sale beats the cost of flying and lodging, for an equivalent stay, at a land based island resort.


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The best times to find your cheap Caribbean cruise.

You can find awesome cruise deals anytime of the year, but some seasons offer better pricing than do others.

Cruising rates are typically lower the first couple of weeks in January, and thus provide an opportunity to search out multiple Caribbean cruise itineraries that are on sale. However, cruising fares slowly rise from this point. They normally peak in March and April, in time for spring break.

One of the two highest times for cruising fares is during the summer months of June and July. The reason? Children are all out of school, at least for some chunk of time during this period. This is prime family vacation time, and the fares reflect this demand.


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Big money saving Caribbean cruise deals can always be found during the months of August, September, and October. Why? Two reasons. All those students are back in school, or preparing to head back, and this is prime hurricane time. Technically, hurricane season runs June 1 through November 30. But, in respect to this region of the world, most storm activity usually occurs during these three months.

An important caveat to mention: A cool cruise deal can be awesome if there are no hurricanes, meaning the water will be calm. However, if a storm is about – past, present, or future – then the ocean and sea may not be so calm. A bad vacation is never a winning deal, at any price.

People often like to escape the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and Christmas by cruising. Again, while you will be able to seek out reduced cruise fares, these fares are much higher during this time of year. The exception to this rule is the weeks just before Christmas, when everyone is busy preparing for the holidays, and therefore, not cruising. And, as you have probably guessed, cruising during New Year’s Eve is through the roof expensive!

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Why does a cheap Caribbean cruise exist?

Why, when a cruising company could sell cabins at full price, do they offer prospective passengers such cruise ticket savings? Because, as they near each sailing date, they want to ensure each ship is sailing at full capacity. From this concept, last minute cruise deals have evolved. Taking advantage of offered last minute cruise deals is often your best bet for enjoying the most economical and budget friendly Caribbean cruise vacation.

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How do you uncover a cheap Caribbean cruise?

The best place to start looking for this money saving cruise is at a cruising corporation’s homepage. There, they will list their itineraries and their pricing for each date. Research many lines; compare their different features and their overall pricing. Unless you have your heart set on sailing on a particular vessel, be open to trying different ships or even another line, altogether.

If you fail to find your best Caribbean cruise deal on either the cruising company’s website, or by phoning them for a price quote, then check out some discount online sellers and travel agents. The Internet is your best avenue for locating the perfect available cruise deals.

Furthermore, if you belong to a warehouse chain, such as Costco, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club, they offer their members travel benefits. Visit their websites, or call their customer booking department.

Also, if you are a member of, or retired from, the armed forces (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, or Navy), you may receive a military discount from some of the cruising companies on selected sailings.

In the end, make sure whoever you use to book your cruise is legitimate. Not doing so could cause you to have your identity, your money, and your dream Caribbean vacation stolen. Ask family and friends for recommendations of businesses they have used to book their vacations.

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Lastly, have fun on your cheap Caribbean cruise and bon voyage!