A Tanzanian ElephantYou'd expect booking a safari holiday to be a pretty straight forward task, and it can be – but to really get the most out of your holiday, it helps to learn some of the lingo and terms used in the industry and what they mean to you.

Things You Will Need

Yellow fever certificate

Step 1

Where To Go?

First of all you should decide which parks in Tanzania you would like to visit. I would recommend a Northern Tanzania circuit for a first time Tanzania safari goer, which would include destinations such as the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area and Tarangire National Park. If you have already done a tour of Northern Tanzania on a previous visit, then you may wish to journey South and take your time exploring the HUGE Selous Game Reserve.

Step 2

Where to stay?

There are three different types of accommodation available to you to stay in whilst on safari in Tanzania, they are:

Basic camping – This is literally roughing it out in the African bush, with nothing between the canvas between you and the wildlife. It is the cheapest type of accommodation by far, but obviously isn't for everyone.

Tented camps – Tented camps are much more luxurious than many people imagine, and the 'tented' element of the usually only refers to the roof of each room, which is crafted from canvas, where as the base of them remains solid bodied.

Lodges – Similar to tented camps, although there is no canvas on the rooms, they are completely solid.

Step 3

Who to book with?

There are countless numbers of Tanzania safari tour operators around which are more than happy to take your business, but it is more important to focus on finding one that suits your every need. For example, many people may book with a shared safari company without knowing, this means that your dates of travel are not flexible, your itinerary is not customisable, and your safari vehicle and experience is shared with a group of random people. However, with a private safari you are able to change every last detail on your itinerary, from parks you visit, days spent in each place, accommodation you will stay in, etc. If I could recommend any out of the two, I would choose a private safari hands down, and if I had to recommend a tour operator to take a private safari with, I would recommend Ziara Safaris without a doubt, my favourite Tanzanian tour operator.

All in all, you should be not worrying too much about your safari when it comes time to go on it, instead you should cast all worries aside and just enjoy yourself and make the most of being out in the amazing African bush!

Tips & Warnings

** Check the reputation of your tour operator online
** Find out if your safari is private or shared before booking
** It is better to pay before going on safari, as it is a risk to carry around a large amount of money whilst travelling