If you are set on doing a degree in the field of Geography and are curious as to the kind of Geography extra curricular activities that you could carry out in order to integrate into your UCAS application and personal statement. Then hopefully you will be able to take an idea or two from this article, that you could try to implement and then go on to strengthen your UCAS application.

1)  Set Up a Geography Society

Setting up a Geography society could be a great feature to have in your list of geography extra curricular activities, it shows firstly that you are actually serious about geography but also you have the confidence and personal skills (that are required to do a undergraduate Geography degree) to create the society in the first place and then to also carry on running it. 

You could also use the geography society as a springboard to increase the range of your other geography related skills  e.g. you could set up field trips specifically for the geography society in which you can expand a whole range of outdoor skills, of course you would need to get in touch with teachers to actually head the field trip.

2) Write Up Geography Related Articles

You could use geography books, articles and other resources to start your own Geography related blog or even start publishing Geography articles online to sites such as InfoBarrel (where you could earn a bit of money from also). It is demonstrating that not only are you participating in wider reading but you are using that information and interpreting it into your own academic conclusion.

I would get your Geography teacher or two to get involved also, just give it a quick overview to see that you are getting the actual 'Geography' element correct.

3) Studying Online Geography Courses

There are a range of websites that are offering you the chance to provide further evidence to the admission tutor that you have a good level of actual 'geography ability'. Head over to sites like the Open University. There they will let you participate in short modules and certificates that you can do in the comfort of your own home such as the undergraduate module 'Introducing Environment'. I would also check other sites out as well, even the universities such as Oxford University offers a range of environmental science short online courses that could potentially benefit your UCAS application e.g. An Introduction to the Science of Climate and Climate change - which is said to be free. If you do find a cost, there is a good chance that your school will subsidise you if you ask them. 

4) Geography Field Trips

If you are wanting to carry out a Geography degree it will obviously benefit you to try and get on as many field trips and expeditions as you possibly can, it will enhance your practical skills that is required for you to be a competent geographer. If you can get hold of any sort of work experience or volunteering scheme e.g. the Duke of Edinburgh Award where you have to go on expeditions could also really add value to your application, as you have to organise and lead the trips etc.

5) AQA Extended Project

You also have the opportunity to take part in the AQA extended project qualification where you can focus the entire project around any topic you please, so I would advise that you try and make yours apart of your Geography extra curricular activities by  focusing it towards a Geographical element, preferably one that you are very interested in as this will not only improve your relevant skills further but you will be able to  feed off it in a personal statement or potential university interview that you would have to attend.